Shadowman3001 [S] 5 points ago

It's just two maps of highly populated areas.

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Shadowman3001 [S] 3 points ago

Some fag spamming his fakenews bullshit site. He banned.

Shadowman3001 [S] 17 points ago

Next time share the direct link to the image rather than the link imgur gives you, so it auto-expands.

Shadowman3001 [S] 7 points ago

Man, who knew Clinton was a boxer for....his entire fucking life.

Shadowman3001 [S] 6 points ago

You do know that literally no one on Reddit could see T_D, right? Or search for it? The only way to even get there was to manually type it into your browser.

Shadowman3001 [S] 4 points ago

Other subreddits have tried that. Reddit undeletes it under their thumb.

Shadowman3001 [S] 6 points ago

Operating costs aren't ever going to be high enough to be a concern for us.

We invite community members to advertise, but we don't see any kind of donation drive happening.

Expansion likely.

Shadowman3001 [S] 64 points ago

Other subs have tried that. Reddit just immediately reopens them with the mods replaced.

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