Shadowman3001 6 points ago

Just don't do it. There are zero positive effects, and you'll lose wifi speed.

Shadowman3001 23 points ago

You have been banned from participating in /r/The_Donald.

Shadowman3001 [M] 12 points ago

We got'chu fam. Happy to have y'all aboard!

Shadowman3001 110 points ago

By the mod team. Websites aren't as expensive as they'd have you believe (or when you aren't using H1B coders).

Shadowman3001 12 points ago

'member when the Soviets started off as the Democratic Socialists?

Shadowman3001 166 points ago

I guess White iPhone Lives matter more than Black Lives.

Shadowman3001 4 points ago


Day 4, God creates aquatic life.

Day 5, God creates land animals.

Which day were frogs?

Was reading Genesis last night and I got curious if that's ever been debated by anyone with too much time on their hands.

Shadowman3001 6 points ago

I've never seen such an editorialized Wikipedia page. Look at all the commies trying to defend Marx over shit that they'd lambast anyone on the right for saying 1/10th of.

Shadowman3001 8 points ago

Even beyond the politics, the show just isn't funny. It's probably the first unfunny thing he's done.

Which is a shame, because there's so much potential in the concept.

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