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Lindsey has always looked out for Lindsey, I didnt buy that 2.0 B.S. he's proven himself to be a snake and shouldn't be trusted...most recent shit was brokering the dialogue between POTUS and Woodward for the new smear book. He's not on out side snd should be voted out regardless of how he handles the SCOTUS vote...dont forget he talks a big game but has done nothing as far as following through on his threats to subpoena known deepstate criminals. It can only mean he's one of them in my eyes.

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My invitation is also extended to you, please never feel alone, those of us who are are fortunate to have folks inside also would love to include those who are alone, please remember me and reach out, I live out of state from most my family and we have enjoyed vidya chat, digital drinks and other forms of debauchery. I don't know you lonely pedes but I most certainly love all of you!

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Let's hang out....what region of the country do you live....your never alone when 6 million friends are by your side. I'm down for a digital or face to face meet and greet anytime friend. We are all here together because we have similar feelings and beliefs......im reaching out to you, please reach to me!

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Whats this study of sewage? I'm a biological Operator in the field of private home based "septic systems" design, installation and maintenance...my question kind of is, how much of a risk am I taking while still working during this? Can you a share a link to this study?

Thanks friend

  • literal swamp drainer

Ive been in the field for nearly 20yrs and never get sick, wasnt sure about corona fecal transmission tho.....

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"The beast comes at night" I'll be at my property in the hamptons with my wife, another woman and my kids by day!

Touching and infecting a construction site...

  • Fredo Cuomo
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I'm a literal swamp drainer in the residential septic system design, installation and maintenance of said systems. My immune system is top tier, I'm afraid if I actually stop working I'll get sick....

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Fun fact.... The full auto owners I know....never get many requests to see or shoot these weapons....they are more of a novelty....again breaking much of the lie/danger larp, however these weapons in the wrong hands are extremely dangerous, but they are not coming from the 2.5yr sometimes more wait on atf, plus $$$ for said limited weapon. Most enthusiasts could care less about pew or multiple pew....

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This is true, but from what ive heard from lucky owners is that the tax wasnt as bad as the price of the limited market of available weapons. Edit... These weapons we're legally purchased within the last 3 years

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Just washing money at the laundry....doj needs to look into that shit for real!

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Ammo reserves have been stockpiled for years now.....