SemperFree 1 point ago

Yet we still have bullshit inflated/falsified data. Reflects badly on us to the world. Some places are actually restricting travel from certain states.

CDC needs to be investigated

SemperFree 4 points ago

Seen this type of info on geopolitical Q type sites. People given the choice to suicide and Covid being used as the cover

SemperFree 4 points ago

Oh Iran is for masks?

I'm 100% not wearing a mask.

Fuck this cuck world.

SemperFree 14 points ago

Considering every liberal and cuck corporation in America is funneling money to BLM right now, businesses are definitely involved.

BLM is a terrorist organization.

SemperFree 95 points ago

There is nothing peaceful about that. Mayors and Governors that allow this need to be sued, arrested, removed.

SemperFree 42 points ago (edited)

That crowd looks white to me.

This is not what was intended by the first amendment. You do not have the right to terrorize citizens.

Can we send in NG, FBI, someone?

Heck, FBI moved on Waco quick yet BLM and Pantifa have free reign?

SemperFree 3 points ago

There needs to be accountability. Country is out of control, MSM is a big contributor to that.

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