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Sucks for Rogan if he took stock

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Trump should run an ad where they spray painted and busted out the windows of that residential house tonight. That would scare the fuck out of millions of Karens

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Portland Andys live stream tonight rioters went into residential area stray painted a house and broke out the windows Trump should put that in a campaign ad

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I was just in downtown Seattle yesterday, the place should be overflowing with tourists, instead it was like this. Boarded up windows, closed business, homeless sleeping everywhere and I had to step over shit twice in one block

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The guy is a huge capitalist I'm sure he votes for Trump I remember someone tried to break into his new place and he made it known he was doubling down on armed security

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I wonder if Star is going to move his company to Montana Is he selling his house in Cali?

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Guaranteed Communist Kshama Sawant (seattle city council) gave them Carmen Best's (seattle police chief) I love how her neighbors protected her home and their neighborhood

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Mailed in my ballot last week I went for Culp I couldn’t believe that the mob went to Carmen Bests home! WTF? I’m up in Seattle now after being able to avoid it for a couple months and windows are boarded up everywhere it’s an absolute shit show. If Inslee and gets re-elected Seattle city council radicals will finish this place off I can’t imagine a tourist wanting to spend a minute in downtown Seattle now

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All those moms that are fine with virtue signaling on FB and let their kids go to a protest also lose their shit if your garbage can stays out 1 day too long POTUS knows that this wins their votes

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Damn sent that to to to liberal nurse friends, excellent redpill It was deleted before they could watch, sent them the bitchute link Wow they really don’t want this info out there

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Sounds perfect, this letter really pissed me off VP of Diversity? More respectful work environment? WTF? If your white you have zero chance of getting a job there or a promotion based on this letter. Preference to black business? They might as well change the name to Black employees credit union

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Love those Tribal casinos open while Inslee puts more restrictions on public gatherings OK to eat and drink in side at the casino but no bueno at my neighborhood mexican restaurant

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