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I’m all for socialism when it comes to fire departments, police departments, and infrastructure (in most cases).

I’m against socialism when it comes to entitlement programs like social security and Medicare.

Guess what I think about Bernie’s policies...

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Our president is amazing but dynasties don’t work. I don’t believe in giving people power based on what they were born into. I almost voted against trump because he was born into wealth but he really fought for what he has.

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I assume you’re talking about Healthy San Francisco. That was an attempt that has so far been a failure. Progressives are sometimes right and although this site hates that word I thought trump would be more progressive. He promised a better health care system than ACA but has been handcuffed so far. There has to be something that will work in between what we have and what the libtards propose.

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Tourists are going to register their kids in our schools? I signed up for this site because I love trump but the propaganda spread on here is terrifying.

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Illegals should be dealt with and deported. With that said they DO pay taxes (besides the few that are under the table) and they don’t get the benefits of said taxes. I’m always confused on why people think they get some insane benefit that we, the people, aren’t privy to. We aren’t Norway with a hospital system that doesn’t care about who you are before treating you.

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Wait... illegal immigrants are NOT more important than American citizens. Why does he think that?

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Can we stop acting like Charlie Kirk is anything more than a troll? He baits idiot college kids into saying what he knows they’ll say and then decimates them.

And as much as I love Donny Sr. his kids fell pretty far from the oak. Think any of them would be there without our president?

Let’s focus on our president and not get hung up on fights that we’ll lose: trying to defend his kids, Kirk, Shapiro, or Crowder. Just because we like what they say doesn’t make them good people.

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Can we stop falling for stuff like this? It makes us look so stupid and uninformed... and plays right into our enemies plans.

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I want all the voters we can get... but Yang’s people aren’t coming over. Our philosophies are too different.

SeamusSullivan [S] 3 points ago

We need to ignore him. Anything other than lack of acknowledgment is playing right into his hands. He doesn’t want to be president, he just wants to troll and bait our current president. He can make mistakes, we can’t. He’s just looking for us to say something stupid.

SeamusSullivan [S] 2 points ago

Yeah, there’s nothing homophobic about that tweet.

SeamusSullivan [S] 4 points ago

I love how the libs took a repulsive and awful pic of Trump thinking it would make us mad and we turned it around on them. We’ve all had pics where we look bad. #nbd

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Oh good. Glad we don’t look like homophobic assholes.

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I mean... I get it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. There’s usually a reason for all his actions but I’ve always coveted the truth. He’s the first guy that I voted for that I considered dishonest.

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Eh, I'm sure that's a wildly exaggerated number (like if they found something they deemed to be false in his speech they count it every time) but I do wish he'd tighten up a little on hyperboles and exaggerations. He does occasionally play fast and loose with the truth.

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Never said she was... just said that the girl is a knockout.

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Please stop saying such ridiculous things. When you say things like that it gives the left a lot of ammo against us.

Seriously, stop.

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