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Hahaha Notorious ACB!

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Love this pepe (meme?) so much.

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And Russia too, bigly.

Right now Russia has Europe by their balls since they are so dependant on Russian energy.

Mideastern energy via Israeli pipeline gives a big body blow to Russia.

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After how Lesley, Scully and Wallace had their careers destroyed by the president, I think Welker just wanted to keep her job.

Very good debate moderation.

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He has killed careers of so many 'journalists' these last 2 months - Scully, Lesley, Wallace, Welker and umm, Toobin.

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Not happy with this debate. Should have asked for it to be on fair terms - foreign policy, no muted microphones etc.

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Why do we need editorializing when we can see the whole interview?

What an awesome interview it was. Leslie (Lesley?) was completely unprepared. She didn't know facts, only the talking points.

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Which part? That "how the American people deserved to hear from all the candidates"?

Do you support basement dwellers who make secret deals to sell out the country?

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Dems only do lip service. Their words are for common people, but actions are all for the big money special interests.

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I am disappointed none of her 'tapes' have leaked yet. C'mon 4chan.

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I can tell you most of the Chinese community in Seattle is super supportive of the police and totally against the communist city council.

They have organized fundraisers for the police. Most of them also own small businesses and understand which party supports businesses and which one doesn't.

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Did you watch the video? Sounds like this guy is a closeted Trump supporter.

He is sad about how Google manipulates the public but is afraid to speak up because he would lose his job.

And about the Chinese, they are super based. Living under a tyrant and moving to a free country can do that you.

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SNOPES: Mostly False. "Although it was made up, it was done 5ft away and not on this spot"

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You've got two empty halves of coconuts and you're banging them together.

AOC and Hirono

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I do thank you for ignoring the downvotes and sharing more information.

That story looks very similar to the Russia collusion - a conspiracy theory which will never die even after it has been thoroughly debunked after multi-year, highest level investigation.

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Wow, NYTimes has been peddling conspiracy theories and fake news for a long time.

Sorry bro, all those sources you listed are hearsay and lame.

"The planned documentary with the Shamir interview never was aired, since the producers ran out of money before it could be completed." Really? Sad.

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Me too no like flashing flairs.

Poor experience on mobile.

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"Senate panel delays vote to subpoena Twitter, Facebook CEOs as some Republicans waver"

What's wrong with them? No plums?

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Spectacular meme.

About the flairs though - I don't like them, especially the flashing and high contrast ones. Site looks too busy and not very sleek. Please rethink.

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