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The problem is when that 9.1% votes 20 - 30 times each and then 10s of thousands of "uncounted ballots" are found in car trunks and basement closets after the election is finished.

The left is going to pull out ALL stops to TAKE the presidency and the Senate. They HAVE TO or they are finished as a party. So the question is not "who will win in a fair election". We all know the answer to that, but a fair election is not going to happen. The real question is "will the republicans do anything to stop the election from being stolen".

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Yeah, that's for after she doesn't kill herself. Right now it should read "Ghislaine Maxwell will not have killed herself".

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I heard that he's consulting with other officials about the possibility of considering whether or not to open a multi-year, multi-million dollar investigation to determine if he should send the letters.

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And both slave owners and abortion supporters use the same excuse: "They're not really human".

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It wan't intended as a foot stomp. It was more just walking away and saying "f#ck it, it's too far gone to save. Let it all burn".

When there is a house fire, there comes a point where there is so much damage, it's no longer benefical or useful to try to put the fire out. It's better to just let it burn because that way it is easier to clean up afterwards. I THOUGHT that's where we were as a country.

BUT.... with the administration now showing that maybe they will begin to support the equal application of the law, and recognize that no one is above the law, I'm thinking that our house may just be salvagable. At least I'm willing to vote now in the hopes that it's salvagable.

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At this point, they could burn down a daycare center full of kids and the leftists would justify it.

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THEN they did it because they were racists. NOW they do it because (they say) we're racists.

In the end, it's just what they want to do and they rationalize it with whatever excuse their feeble minds can come up with.

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I don't know...... we're already out $20 Million. Why spend millions more investigating when we KNOW for sure that the republicans lack the spine to actually take any action against the criminals.

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Y'all are all showing pics, and videos, and telling horror stories of what happens when a country goes socialist. I guess you're thinking that this will teach the leftists that it will happen here too, and that idea will make them change their minds.

Have you considered that they know full well what happens under socialism and they WANT that to happen here? They want the horror and the mass murder? Because maybe they think that it will be YOU, and not them, that it happens to. They think that they will be the ones sitting in ivory towers dictating who gets eliminated.

They don't know and won't believe that THEY are going to be among the first ones lined up on their knees in front of an open ditch that will serve as their mass grave, as the executioners dutifully work their way down the lines, putting bullets through the backs of heads.

Good luck convincing them of that.

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Thanks, I appreciate your opinion. But if someone wants my vote, they'll have to EARN it. When the republicans just look the other way, or work hard to find reasons NOT to prosecute the dem lawbreakers, they don't deserve my vote and they won't get it. If that makes me a "shill" in your estimation, I think I can live with that.

OTOH, all I need is one major action that shows that the repubs are working to bring the criminals to justice - the arrest of a major player, for example - and I'll be there to vote for them. Short of that, they're no better than the dems that they protect and I'm sitting it out.

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But the adminstration is not putting asses in jail cells. It seems that they are looking for reasons, ANY REASONS, no matter how flimsy or transparent, to let the leftists get away with their crimes. That is why I'm not voting in November (unless things change by then - if some major players are brought to justice, I'll show up to support the republicans. Otherwise, why would I?)

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I'm sure the republicans are drafting their strongly-worded letter about this right now.

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I think it's because nearly everyone has some skeletons in their closet.

Trump hires them.

The deep state digs in and finds the skeletons. Then uses the info to bribe or threaten them.

They cave.

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For all he knows, they are blowing smoke AND COVID-19 right into his face. That's a risk to his health for sure.

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Absolutely NO chance thatt the republicans would do something like this. They are spineless. They don't DO anything. They might INVESTIGATE doing something, but that's the best you'll ever get out of them.

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Raz can do whatever he wants. There's no law there (except for "might makes right") and no one has any rights except for the rights they can proclaim and also physically defend for themselves.

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And then to "You can't go out and protest" to "you can go out and protest as long as your cause is something WE agree with".

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STOP IT!!! Stop investigating these people and rubbing it in our faces all the crimes they committed and are getting away with.

You're not going to hold them accountable for them, so why investigate and let us know about them?

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