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Why are you so rude? Literally "Support Trump" and "Doesn't support Trump" are two different statements. I do know the rules, perhaps is shouldn't say "Deport Trump supporters".

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No, the English language requires a "NOT" prior to "Trump Supporter"......I didn't create this language, but I do speak it fluently, perhaps you do not. Why are you so rude?

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Ahhhhhh, finally, someone took out the trash. ?? But the question remains: why are "Trump supporters" listed under a reason for deportation?

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My guess is Snork's mother is NK and his father some unknown NK official. So, Snork toils away in a CyberMill outside of PyongYang clicking away for a sack of wheat a day which he collects prior to reporting for his evening deposit of shit in the collective garden so that as a NK he may contribute to the coming harvest. ? Nom nom nom nom!

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He's not...one dipshit poll listed him there, the standard polls list him at 3-5%. Poll cited is the HarrisX poll which has a C- rating and listed about 450 people for this bullshit poll.

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Pretty sure Persians are classified as Caucasian......just sayin'. SackOrPick is dumb as dirt.....

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52 sites for the 52 hostages held by Iran under the Carter Administration......sweet. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Good.....they were voters who should have been off the roles anyways. Later.

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I can post screen shots on T_D....why not here? Your statement makes no sense. And it'sno different than posting somewhere then capturing and posting......what you said is retarded. "Expose my harddrive".....if that were true nobody would ever post anything.

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Eric Ciarmella, Eric Ciarmella, Eric Ciarmella, Eric Ciarmella, Eric Ciarmell, Eric Ciarmella, Eric Ciarmella, Eric Ciarmella......??

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Who knew...giving control of the internet to EU fucks would end up here?

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Jesus Christ....if this is the answer.....we're fucked. Why is this a thing? Why can't we screen shot and post?

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New UN/EUstyle reporting..... "If we never say the race.....no one will question us". This Pravda style of news is poison.

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No. Eric Ciaramella. No one here has forgotten.

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Because Blacks are higher up on the SJW pyramid. SJW's love muzzies...not Jews. Muzzies>Trannies>Illegals>Faggots>Blacks>Injuns>Jews> Mexicans>Whites. That's the hiarchy today.

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Now THAT'S progress!!!!!!! Thank God the shithole that is the DEPT of INDOCTRINATION is being dismantled. Close the entire place down!!!

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About a year ago I stated on TD that China is nothing without US dollars, they will quickly revert back to the dirtwater shithole they were prior to NAFTA should our trading practices change....I was attacked by shills. ? Cheers, shills!!!!! ??? Fuck China, and Bush the First for selling out Americans!

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