Sassyminnesotan 3 points ago

It was probably a battery operated bubble machine! 😂🤣😂

Sassyminnesotan 14 points ago

Awesome! We have had enough of Walz restrictions! Now he should let the doctors here start administering HCQ! Stop the limitations on pharmacists dispensing the drug NOW!

Sassyminnesotan 5 points ago

I live in Minnesota. I’m afraid the doctors won’t prescribe HCQ because our Governor is limiting the supply. I think he is afraid of it actually working for the virus. That would prove that President Trump was right again.

Sassyminnesotan 12 points ago

He helped Al franken win the senate seat. They found voter ballots in a trunk of a car for the win here in Minnesota. Google it.

Sassyminnesotan 3 points ago (edited)

Here in Minnesota Our Governor is limiting the pharmacist from dispensing it for off label usage. I have heard that the Mayo Clinic is telling their doctors not to prescribe it. Scary times! Thanks for this life saving post.

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