Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 14 points ago

Nice gun.

I’m probably going to get downvoted for saying this, but I’m kinda wondering where all the brand new lifted Jeep driving 2a bumper sticker with the MOOAN AABE tattoos and the “come and take it flags” are during this quarantine... just sitting in the house like everyone else. Well here’s rampant government oppression now’s your chance...

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 3 points ago

Heh. I’ll be fine, I got enough grains and starches to keep me going for a while as well as chickens and feed for my animals on 15+ acres.

Good luck urbanites I guess you all have to starve to death.

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 4 points ago

It’s hard to be bipartisan when the other side wants the economy to fail.

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 18 points ago

This reminds me of the documentary on North Korea. These aid workers brought orthopedic braces to these North Koreans and they fell down in tears at the photo of Kim Jong Il hanging on the wall and cried.

It’s called being brainwashed. Common in communist regimes.

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] -2 points ago

Ca-pi-talism Has made it this way... Old fashioned fascism will take it away Hey, you, whaddya say? Somethin beautiful is on its way Hey you, are you tryin to be mean? Live with the apes man it’s hard to be clean.

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 6 points ago

Bwahahha serious lol... but... girlfriends girlfriend? What kind of kinky shit is this?

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 29 points ago

Nobody is saying it’s a hoax you dolt. We’re saying it’s a manufactured crisis. There is a difference.

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 15 points ago

And on top of that a large proportion of COVID positive individuals are “asymptomatic” how the fuck do you wrap your head around this?

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 31 points ago

No, you got it backwards. If some has AIDS, they get an infection and die. We say they died of AIDS.

We don’t say they died of an infection. We attribute it to AIDS. And medical hairsplitting and pedantics doesn’t count because this whole manufactured crisis is about public perception. As I tell my kids, “appearance is reality”

Sarlaccpitmaster [S] 7 points ago

Lol dumb fuckin urbanites. If anything, this crisis has shown what a weak, effete, and useless bunch they really are. Talk about totally incapable of even providing for their own basic needs. What a bunch of cucked pussies! They’re probably depending on their wife’s boyfriend, who works for the state, to go buy groceries because hashtag stayathome

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