SaintAK [S] 6 points ago

The_Donald was great. I unfortunately only had the benefit of several months before they unofficially locked it down. In that time I a lot of really great posts and responses by people who genuinely care for this country as well as decent debates in comments. Aside from a rare comment or two I never did see racism despite how Reddit wanted to portray it and the memes were the tits.

The people who put together .win have given us a platform to Make the Internet Great Again. Let's not squander it. The dims have 98% of media and we all need to step up if we don't want to see this country go to shit.

SaintAK [S] 4 points ago

I just wish comments hadn't already been disabled by the time I noticed it was back up... Would have loved to throw in my 2 cents.

SaintAK [S] 3 points ago

Beers in the fridge man. Cheers for sticking with it especially if you're in a blue state/city. I can sympathize with your situation but if we stick our heads in the sand the country loses, we lose, and future generations will have to pay for our indifference.