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Ringing the bell at the 9/11 memorial with his left hand and saluting with his right

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LISTEN HERE, FAT! Corn Pop and I aren’t going to jive, we don’t want your vote! The man who uh, ahh, the guy in the office! Malarkey! So get ready, Jack! Let’s do a couple pushups and see what happens! Now give me your AR-14! Use a shotgun, you only need a shotgun! But you don’t need 100 rounds. Corn Pop once went 100 rounds with an ol’ boy named Jimmy who was just as strong as the white kids. He was poor. Where am I? And who the Hell are you? I like that hair, is that LoReal Kids Shampoo? sniiiiiifff Mm. Yeah. Reminds me of Cancún. I once went to Cancún, Jack. Cancún has some great salsa and I can definitely tango with the man who did the thing. Tangoing is like — remember when we used to dance more as a country? Me and the boys would dance so much. And I remember coming home and my toes just hurting from the tango. Then I’d get my massage and the slope girl would say, “You have hairy toes!”. I’d say, “You should see in the water, those colored kids see my hairy legs and just think the hair is swimming like algae.” Which is why we have got to stop global warming, Tim! Global warming just spreads the algae and I for one can’t deal with more seaweed! And seaweed is another term for marijuana. Now I tried marijuana as a kid but was it right? No! I don’t think we need to legalize marijuana because it is a gateway drug, we have seen so many studies on this. One time I was studying with Corn Pop, Jack. And you know what happened to him? He fell asleep in class! We fell asleep, we were so tired from our assignment on the planets. And with planets....we need to watch it! The forests are burning from coal, man! So get out of here with that malarkey about your hustle and bustle to the cities for your coffee. That coffee? I call that foo foo coffee, my kids loved it. Too much sugar! That’s making us fat! So go ahead, Fat! Make my day! Today is Friday and you know what happens on Fridays stays on Tuesday.

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Sauce please. We need to know what this is. Looks like it’s from Europe.

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So ironic that the TV station in Central Illinois is “WCIA”.

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The military plane was just to travel from Mar-a-lago to Andrews (around 2 hours). Once at Andrews, they got on the second Air Force One for the trip to Afghanistan.

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Can the upvote / downvote buttons be bigger? On mobile is hard to press them accurately. I’m a “smash-all-the-orange buttons” kind of guy.