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Yep, if you are representing TD.win or ANY organization in support of President Trump you should refrain from doxxing.

However it seems that folks that put themselves forward as leftists that don't post on this site might be able to get away with something that "might" be considered "doxxing" by some people in the general populace...

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So basically, we have to take down the elitist lefty lawfare division as ofwell as the leftist education cartel....


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Probably getting high on cat piss like Kenny on South Park!

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Every time our President tweets like this, it just makes me laugh and smile!



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We need a special councel now...there could be RUSSIAN COLLUSION!!!

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And this was the state that gave us the GREAT Barry Goldwater!!!

Yeah, he might have got his ass kicked in 1964, but he was running against both the Kennedy assassination and the MSM (which has ALWAYS been lefty/commie). He really didn't have a chance.

But I will always admire BG's libertarianish ideals. Less federal govt, more local govt.

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We really need to look into who is employed at this law firm, and investigate their connections. I'm not saying that we should DOX these folks (yet...), but I believe this law firm is CORRUPT AS FUCK!!!

I've heard their name too many times for my liking.

They are involved in the fake Russian Dossier(Hillary), they are the law firm for the corrupt DNC, and they were working with the "progressive Democrat" OSU faculty to try to take down Jim Jordan. And there is much more than that!

Perkins Coie needs to be taken DOWN!!!

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DeWine with his "Napoleon Complex" isn't even fit to be mayor of Napoleon, Ohio.

DeWine isn't even fit to be Dog Catcher in Napoleon, Ohio!

The good folks in Napoleon, Ohio would never accept a RINO sell out in their city govt!

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Hell yeah!!!

Our President has been up here in the Lima/Wapak area at least THREE TIMES while he's been the SITTING PRESIDENT!!!

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Only some counties used Dominion. The state SOS site has a list of approved election software/devices. The decision on the election software/devices is made on the county level, but they have to choose from the state approved list.

Only a few counties used Dominion. I believe it was less than 10 of Ohio's 88 counties. (I can't get the map from the state SOS site, it's an FTP file, haven't figured how to download FTP from my new phone yet!)

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It might not go anywhere, but I'm at least content that my General Assembly member's name is signed onto these Articles of Impeachment.

I did send him an e-mail a few weeks ago and requested that he take this very action! His political stock with me just went WAY UP!

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You city pedes, if you have to make a strategic retreat, have someplace in the suburbs or MAGA country that you can move your base/family to.


WE WILL WIN! But the cities are where the battles are going to be. Keep you're elderly, women, and children SAFE!!!

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Additionally, I believe that the Dems would have no problem making a 10th Amendment argument against this.

The Dems will use ANY tactic to get what they want! The ends justify the means for all leftists!

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I agree with you about the 12th, that governs the general process of the election.

But there is also going to be a 14th amendment argument,. and I believe BOTH sides are going to give opposing opinions on how that Amendment should be interpreted.

This SC case IS going to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions in our nation's history!

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And they are so much more fun because you probably KNOW some of the players on the team, or their parents or grandparents. And when you buy a ticket to the game, or buy some food at the concession stand, that money's most likely going to stay in your area!

Local government is best, as is LOCAL SPENDING!

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Yep, the leftist Democrat party (and some RINOs (Paul Ryan for one example)) wasted 4 years of our DULY elected President's agenda!

That nasty bitch Maxine Waters was calling for Donald Trump's impeachment before he was EVEN INAUGURATED!!!!



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But here's the thing. If the court delegates their power to "intelligence agencies", the SC will be FOREVER NEUTERED as an equal branch of our govt.

This court case that is about to come before the SC is live or die for them. It IS GOING TO BE AS IMPORTANT A DECISION AS MARBURY v MADISON!

I'm expecting a 7-2 decision on all the election cases coming before the SC. The two far lefty Justices (Breyer and Sotomayor) will vote lefty. I think Kagan, while being somewhat of a lefty, at least has some concept of constitutional law, and will vote with the majority (however reluctantly, she'll probably write her own opinion/ruling on the case)

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Just support your local HS team!

You're already paying taxes to the school district for the team! And it's much more fun to root for kids you know, or kids of parents you went to school with!

You folks that may have spent $200 on an NFL ticket....better to give it to your LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL TEAM!

Help out some young folks in the area that you live! Don't give that money to millionaire team owners and the NFL players that believe that they are "OWED" something from society!

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These deep state assholes have denigrated this American Patriot's military service, tried to bankrupt him and his family, and talked lies about him for nearly four years. He deserves JUSTICE!!!

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Feel so bad for your state!

If we could just cut off everything above the 41st parallel of latitude, OH, IN, and IL would be 80% TRUMP COUNTRY!!!!

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Eh, a little feint here or there to throw the enemy off guard is a tried and true military tactic.

The MSM may very well waste their time and publication space "DISPUTING" Rudy's comment.

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I didn't know the French govt did that! The damn deep state is everywhere!

Maybe the patriotic fervor that the French Resistance had that fought the German Occupation in the early 1940s can show itself again.

Maybe it's time for some modern day French sans-culottes!

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Knew the anti- HCQ propaganda was bullshit when all the lefties, at the same time, started screeching "HCQ will KILL YOU!!!"

A drug that has been used safely for over 50 years, and that is available in some nations OTC, is extremely unlikely to kill you.

And the fact that leftist big tech went out of their way to suppress any and all positive information about HCQ just further justified my beliefs.

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