SR91Aurora [S] 4 points ago

The fear mongering media needs to be strung up by their necks after their coverage of this virus.

SR91Aurora [S] 2 points ago

Trump needs to go back to chopper talks as soon as this wuhan flu fuss is over. The reporters behave a lot better when they don't have any hope of being on camera.

SR91Aurora [S] 3 points ago

I'm not saying Nancy Pelosi and the democrats coordinated with China to create and spread this virus. I'm just sayi

SR91Aurora [S] 8 points ago

"I wish Joe Biden were in charge during this pandemic" -nobody ever

SR91Aurora [S] 9 points ago

His father-in-law is a wealthy Chinese businessman, which implies ties to the CCP. The same father-in-law whose boats were transporting the cocaine that gave Mitch the monicker Cocaine Mitch.

SR91Aurora [S] 5 points ago

not a word on any google news frontpage...every slot is still filled with chinese virus articles

SR91Aurora [S] 15 points ago

but how will the too-big-to-fail companies maintain their stagnant monopolies for another cenutury??

SR91Aurora [S] 3 points ago

This is what Trudeau sees when he looks in the mirror every morning before his handlers put his hair and makeup. No wonder he's so insecure.

SR91Aurora [S] 45 points ago

When Trump says he's going to powerfully support industries affected by the Chinese Virus, I'm not entirely convinced Trump is referring to COVID-19 or even just events over the last few weeks.

SR91Aurora [S] 11 points ago

I didn't even notice till you pointed it out, but that's possibly the most boss move a president has ever made, rivalled closely by the infamous Trumpshakes he would greet world leaders with after his inauguration to make sure they knew where they stood.

SR91Aurora [S] 1 point ago

maybe if they kick more dissenting people off reddit they can win! out of sight out of mind right?

SR91Aurora [S] 1 point ago *

If Putin endorsed Biden I could die a happy man.

Putin has more control over these elections than any other previously, all he has to do is endorse a candidate and they will be declared a treasonous Soviet spy. I can't believe how much influence has been handed over to Putin in the last 4 years while they tried to remove Trump from office.

SR91Aurora [S] 4 points ago *

I posted a similar comment 8 days ago and have been spamming it in youtube chats. Did anybody beat me? "Joe Biden really puts the Dem in dementia."



SR91Aurora [S] 3 points ago *

If nobody ever mentioned coronavirus, it would come and go and nobody would notice. Maybe some might comment that it seemed like a rougher than normal flu season.

It's a good thing impeachment tidied up just in time otherwise the news cycles would get really confusing because I'm pretty sure we're only allowed to have one story at a time nowadays.

SR91Aurora [S] 32 points ago

sorry but that's not allowed under reddit's tos

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