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Can you blame the FBI??? They are running all over the country looking for them dangerous Booglaoo Boys! Hawaiian shirts and everything!!!

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"And again this it's only one case, there's dozens of examples. If you can't see the pattern, well there's nothing a I can do about it, and that's why the right will lose to the marxists eventually, they're to gullible always falling for propaganda."

So because there are things Tucker doesnt discuss, he is part of the problem? Why hasn't a representative done something about it? The guy only has an hour of TV time! HE IS LITERALLY THE ONLY TV SHOW BRINGING ATTENTION TO THE MARXISTS IN OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM. The same marxists that you say we will fall to! What the fuck else do you want him to do??

I agree he should give more credit to POTUS when he is right.

What more should he do to be genuine about calling out the GOP establishment? How do you feel about Hannity? He is sucking Linda Graham off every other night. Should we follow him?

Tucker makes wrong calls just like everyone else. But he is the only one bringing up our fucked up education system, cancel culture, the Vegas Shooting (which he harped on for months), etc....so he misses a few examples....okay. But he is one man with an hour of TV. Maybe Hannity should bring these issues up with his 3 hours of radio and 1 hour of TV instead of repeating himself every night.

"If you can't see the pattern" statement sounds like a fucking leftist who lost the argument. Tucker is pointing the issues out. He isnt perfect and doesnt hit every issue. Okay? Sorry...doesnt mean he is propaganda. I don't think you know what the term propaganda means if you think that's what Tucker is.

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I fully agree with the fraud. But don't underestimate the people who are silent who just "want to go back to normal"...not everyone who is silent is a Trump supporter. He has exposed alot but alot of people still get their news from MSM. Just because they don't have signs for Biden, don't think they won't vote against Trump.

They hate him much more than they did in 2016. They didn't think he could win back then. How many people do you think sat home because they thought Trump didn't have a shot? Lots of ppl on both sides.

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Disagree for the most part. But i do agree that he has made some bad calls. Especially when he thought we were going to war with Iran. Also, his love for Tulsi is insane.

You say he is part of the Old Republican Establishment. But he is the only one calling out the establishment figures like Linda Graham who do NOTHING. He is the only one focusing on the Uniparty. He also vouches against endless wars which is what the Old Guard Republicans (and even Hannity) seem to push. He also is the only person talking about immigration.

Yeah he probably thought Trump was a clown but many of us didnt know what to expect. I think his show is to get people thinking about our issues and his critiques can help us critique Trump and keep him honest (instead of Hannitys constant cheerleading)

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New woke thing to do, fake having Rona virus.

I'll bet all the athletes and celebrities faked theirs too. It's all about playing the victim and social media points to these people.

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Yes just like they DEMANDED Adam Schiff to resign....i know there is nothing they can do to remove her personally, but DEMANDING things is a joke

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Biden probably doesnt even know the guys name, or his own name....why would he want to talk to that old senile fuck?

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Nice first post Jimmy.

Also forgot to mention "deep state" like in the title.

I love how they always go for MuH FoX NeWs like its where we get all our info

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This should be a message pushed by Trump. The liberal housewives will throw a fit.

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While I agree with that, there are people who will vote for Biden because they think the riots are Trumps fault and Biden will be "GetTiNg BaCk tO NoRmAL" in their eyes

Make sure people know its the Dem local gov doing.

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As soon as I saw the "Sad!"at the end, I'm convinced it was him haha

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Fake news?


What im saying is, do your research

He ordered a number of counties EXCEPT the country his wineries are in to close tasting rooms.....This is like Whitmer opening up the northern part of Michigan for the holiday because she wanted to go visit.

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Took classes online and in the classroom. There are SOME parts of the classroom stuff you benefit from. But other than a few things, being on campus is just an excuse to drink and sleep with strangers.

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I posted this before but I'll repeat it.

This one half black girl I knew from high school (who was a cheerleader) barely graduated HS but went to college somehow, posted a picture of a map of Africa with its various resources that other countries have "taken" on Facebook with the caption "what democracy has looted"

So I had to leave a comment: "Okay, and what exactly would Africa had done with those resources? What have they invented? What technology have they come up with? Oh yeah thats right, they are sitting in a hut, wiping their ass with their hand".

Then I get a message saying "My profile no longer meets community standards and has been shut down"....what a joke.

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