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Glad you found out now before you uprooted your life and moved there.

Read through some of your prior posts on the subject. I would consider the Dakotas.

Will keep you in my thoughts for another job to come through.

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I have a suggestion. Stop berating and bullying people if they want to wear masks. Mind your own business if they do. Personally I am sick of all the brow beating on mask wearing on thedonald.win. I could argue you are violating terms of service, by not being respectful of the choices of others. You are also dragging down this forum which I thought was supposed to be positive and high energy, not a venue for this crap.

My husband and I are Trump supporters, conservative, voted for him in 2016, intend to vote for him again, and we wear N95 masks and carry sanitizing wipes with us whenever we go out. And no, we don't wag our fingers in other peoples' faces for not wearing masks, we respect their choices to wear or not to wear. If they aren't wearing we step away from them.

We have been following / reviewing various video channels by health professionals on the virus since mid-January and we follow their majority recommendations on mask wearing. We live in the worst zip code for the virus in our state. We are in an age group and we both have a blood type that make us more vulnerable to critical illness should we get infected.

Not even the medical professional experts know much about this virus. I would not expect a mask brow beater to know any more.

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The right, as well as the left, is guilty of group think and name calling if you don't fall in line. I even see it here on this board.

Use your vote wisely.

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I'm so very sorry to hear it. May I ask in what state your best friend's dad is in ?

It is creepy how little we know about this virus !

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There's still time for you. You won't be responsible for your children forever.

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I think this is very common. I've detached myself from just about all my family for this very reason.

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The Claim: Mrs. Lincoln did not enjoy the play.

The Truth: Her husband was shot during the performance, and she did not have a chance to see it.

SJBHamilton 2 points ago

Couldn't agree more.

For example, I am a Trump loving conservative, knew by summer 2016 I was going to vote for him.

Yet I disagree with just about everyone on the issue of mask wearing during the pandemic. Because I am for it, I get called coward, cuck - BY CONSERVATIVES.

SJBHamilton 9 points ago

Utah is at that tipping point. Virus case counts and death rates have been rising here.

The governor admitted that our "guard was let down" after the initial precautions.

I can forgive officials for not knowing what they are dealing with - EXCEPT - this same governor has refused to make HCQ+ZPac available as a treatment option.

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I think you're fine as long as you don't give the impression that you are employed by thedonald.win or by POTUS.

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My husband and I have been vegan since 2003, strong MAGA supporters since 2016.

SJBHamilton 1 point ago

Jim Jordan is one of the people who have gone to bat for POTUS who stays on my donation list - even though he is not my Congressman.

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