SD_Pede [S] 3 points ago

Freedom fighter battling Karens at playgrounds lol.


You'll be ready to storm the beaches at Normandy soon.

Godspeed Patriot.

SD_Pede [S] 14 points ago

Rion with a great question! That's our girl!

SD_Pede [S] 14 points ago

Is this the day we burn this motherfucker to the ground pooh?

SD_Pede [S] 6 points ago

I was right about the one in the front row being the problem child today.

SD_Pede [S] 2 points ago

Who wants to bet the girl in the front row asks the stupidest question of the day?

SD_Pede [S] 7 points ago

Can you please update when rank is 1776.

Thank you pede!

SD_Pede [S] 1 point ago

This would set the record for quickest perma ban in history if we posted this on /politics.

haha I'm just imagining all the shills here posting from /politics being triggered af when they see this. Like the last frame of the NPC meme.

SD_Pede [S] 4 points ago

Can we meme this into reality so Trump buys ads on CNN during Don Lemon's show?

SD_Pede [S] -2 points ago

Trump and Pence saved millions of lives with Stop the Spread.

The flu in 1917 killed 50 million.

Your sexist faggotry says more about you than women.

SD_Pede [S] 7 points ago

They already collect all the data in real-time on your phone. Read your terms of service.

They listen to your microphone even when your phone is powered off. Then they serve ads based on voice-to-text recognition.

It's legal. You agreed when you got your phone service or signed up for their apps.

They've been doing it since shortly after 9/11. What do you think Snowden revealed? What do you think Brennan and Clapper lied about to Congress?

SD_Pede [S] -20 points ago

So it was Fauci who saved millions of lives and not Trump?

I'm not sure I understand your point.

Trump said over and over the last few press beatings he saved at least 500,000 lives.

SD_Pede [S] 1 point ago

Another concern troll account that followed us from /politics.

Account opened 143 days ago.

270 .win points.

They're here to disagree with everything Trump does.

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