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Theoretically, if you put a pot of grease on the stove and go to town.............

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How come I can see some IG links and not others? I don't have an account.

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Just think how many judges there are just like this, all over the United States.

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You must be new here. Skeeters are here year round so are the diseases they spread. West Nile, couple different encephalitis', and now thanks to third worlders we have Zika.

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Yep, then QC, goes out the window to cut costs. You get a bad name and loose all your customers.

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I think anyone who accepts taxpayer funds should have to submit to random drug screening. Politicians and welfare recipients.

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NOT MUH Q! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! But Sessions and Wray, and Barr and Durham.

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Pan handle is great but less job opportunities. Orlando is full of libs and is fucked, traffic is horrible. J-ville is J-ville. Tampa is OK, growth is getting crazy. I would steer clear of south Florida unless you're hispanic. Find a nice quiet suburb in between.

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