RonPaulWasRight 2 points ago

This is big. You have to find a way to distance yourself from the MSM's day to day bullshit. It's clinically formulated to trigger an emotional response, almost always a negative one.

RonPaulWasRight 3 points ago

If you do visit, make sure you're using an ad blocker, and only downvote, never upvote.

RonPaulWasRight 2 points ago

These fuckers will do anything to install Pedo Joe and Hillary's puppet Kamala.

RonPaulWasRight 6 points ago

She's Hillary's puppet. A President Kamala might as well be President Hillary. She met with all of the Clinton donors and insiders way back in 2017. If she wasn't getting in the front door with the nomination, they're making damn sure she gets in the back door (Biden steps down for health reasons within 12 months of his election).

RonPaulWasRight 10 points ago

Hopefully shit like this starts to turn the tide. These fuckers are literally getting away with murder right now.

RonPaulWasRight 15 points ago

Buried into nonexistence like Tara Reade's rape allegations? Got it.

RonPaulWasRight 11 points ago

You mean you weren't convinced by the circular MSM references that totally dEbUnKed it? Sounds like you've had too much to think.

RonPaulWasRight 7 points ago

Thanks, sounds like fun. Calling out reddit's customers for disengenuous bullshit is indeed a fine way to get banned.

RonPaulWasRight 1 point ago

THIS. We are in desperate need of some gun deals right now.

RonPaulWasRight 10 points ago

Say what you want, about voat, but they sure as hell don't censor speech, and they've been resilient enough to weather all the bullshit that comes with that.

RonPaulWasRight 25 points ago

If the mods want to fund and facilitate the communist message so be it, they've done more than enough to earn the permanent goodwill of this community, I would just strongly advise against it. You can get the commie message literally anywhere else, no need for it to be bankrolled by patriots.

RonPaulWasRight 22 points ago

With any luck the same will be said by an Internet user similar to yourself in 10 years about reddit (and Twitter, and hopefully Facebook).

RonPaulWasRight 25 points ago

But do we really want to facilitate the commie message? I feel that that would be antithetical to .WIN. Better might be to open source the platform when ready and let them fork it if they so choose. But I would hate to see a dime of mod's monies go to funding a commie shithole.

RonPaulWasRight 21 points ago

The good news is that if they're more trouble than they're worth, Doggos can nuke the fuck out of them.

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