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Good manners. Respect your elders. Yes sir, no sir. Look a man in the eye and give a firm handshake. Acknowledge and correct your errors in life.

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Once read in a history book a similar situation. It went something like this. Europeans are the most generous, charitable, comforting, and welcoming people on Earth. Until, they're not.

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Not only White shows were wholesome. Good Times was a great show about struggling with society’s obstacles. Especially for the black community. Oh, and Sanford and Son was awesome as well.

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It just leaves me speechless that someone could get elected as the President of The United States, submit a fake Birth Certificate, and the media not blink an eye.

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The only way i have had success with shutting down a liberal, is to accuse them of the same thing they would accuse me of. I know it's psycho, but it works.

Call them a bigot, racist, Christophobe, intolerant, Science-denier, conspiracy theorist, etc...etc.... They will immediately shut down and go on the defensive. It's funny to watch and it always works.

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but reddit told me this was a debunked conspiracy theory.

It just keeps reminding me of Brawndo having electrolytes.