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It is. Have seen it myself. Some logical, some illogical conclusions about it.

As I said to my father, and this is a rather unfortunate way to view it...anything is better than a Biden pick.

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These people always tend to look like the ridiculous memes created here.

And sure, the "chubby bearded guy in Maga hat" fits for some of us too.

But in fairness...would you rather be a bearded chubby guy in a red hat, or literally any of these creatures?

I'd go with the red hat guy.

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You aren't on Reddit anymore.

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It's my understanding that "Lion Ted" came after Trump donned him as "Lying Ted"...when did the switch occur? Or do I have that wrong?

I didn't really pay attention pre-Kavanaugh.

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Can anyone explain that Pelosi comment in any rational way?

Was someone talking to her on her ear piece? The only thing I've thought of since I heard it.

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I love it, but I'm just curious...what does this mean for you? Does anything come to mind?

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No, I'm just saying maybe dont say nigger and broadcast anti Semitic shit on a popular trump forum, follow it up with "subhuman", then defend it.

You know, common sense.

We can all agree the criminal is subhuman, without going farther.

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Generally speaking you shouldn't be saying "ni-oops I mean joggers" and then dropping ((())) while then talking about being subhuman.

But you keep defending that.

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I believe this is what is talked about as "Coulters Law."

I may be mistaken.

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During/after the Kavanaugh circus, he got this photo taken after what appears to be a woman yelling at him, probably for "supporting fascism/Trump/gang rape (Kavanaugh accusation)" or any other imagined ism.

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holy war

worried about "ending non life of fetuses/clump of cells in the womb"

holy war


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That's a shame. Surprised I missed that unless that was later on in the day. I didn't listen much today, was too busy losing my family in court.

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It's a local conservative station that holds people like Hewitt, Kilmeade, Prager, Hannity and Levin. But specifically the part I heard from was the local news part, not run nationally, that spoke about it.

Generally, and basically entirely they, they are very "heres what happened" with no opinion.

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I just heard on the radio that postmarks are required.

No later than 8pm on November 3rd.

Ballots will also "only be counted for 3 days, the ending being Friday" is what I remember hearing.

Sorry if this article explains that, I just thought the title was slightly misleading unless I've been misinformed, and am not currently in a position to read the article at this time.

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Scranton itself is a city, obviously, but there are several cities within a stones throw of the city limits. You can go through about 4 or 5 cities in about 20 minutes of driving. That's why a lot of people refer to everything as "Scranton" but really it's Scranton, Dickson City, Olyphant, Peckville, Moosic, Taylor, Old Forge, etc.

It's sort of like Jersey in the sense that there is a million towns in a very small area.

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It's a city, and the surrounding "cities" therein, which are typically democrat but have gained republican popularity.

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Right outside Scranton, I've been seeing a 60/40 biden/trump split. Not liking it.

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Joe Biden will be in Scranton area today.

Tickets not available to the public.

So what the fuck was the point, Joe?

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Can someone tell me what's wrong with her face?

I'm genuinely asking, not trying to insult or involve ad hominem. There's something off and I can't quite put my finger on it.

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