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They sent a MAGA fag to Germany, they fucking hated him, now he is calling out fuckery where ever he sees it.

We love him, you should too.

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The people here are so far ahead of the curve. When the normies heard about the burrito Chads it had already been a meme here for weeks.

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A person is justified in threatening or using force against another when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes that such threat or force is necessary to defend himself or herself or a third person against such other's imminent use of unlawful force; however, except as provided in Code Section 16-3-23 , a person is justified in using force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or herself or a third person or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

If I was in a situation that the above covers, there won't be any rock salt coming out of my gun. If you have to shoot people with rock salt in your state, then like I said before, The rules are different in Georgia.

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Go back to Reddit, they miss you.

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Did you just do the classic "I checked your history" maneuver?

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Oh god, please fuck off.

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Buh bye stupid fucking cunt. Won't she be shocked when she finds out Mexicans hate blacks

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Dear Ray, go suck a cock, stick to what you know.

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It's Herro Everyone, can't you spell, geez.

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You are on the wrong fucking forum brah

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Are you sure AR15 is not a type of doorless helicopter?

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"We don't have guns!" Yes that's why no one got shot

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Yup, nuked my account there, will no go back.

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Thats one of those things you can't judge her unless you are her. Did she not lock the door because she was scrambling to get her gun, did she think she locked it but in her haste didn't, did it just happen way too fast for her to click the button? You have no idea because you are not her.

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