Redwood [S] 9 points ago *

Real Trump supporters don't call for violence. That's what the Communist Left does.

Redwood [S] 1 point ago

I don't think Rogan recognizes how much of a communist Bernie Sanders is. He buys into the whole "democratic" socialism lie. Doesn't mean he's not a libertarian.

Redwood [S] 3 points ago *

I don't like hating on Joe Rogan. I think he's a little brainwashed into supporting Bernie Sanders, but he's usually a good libertarian voice and sometimes redpills listeners on SJW/Leftist BS. He's willing to view an argument from multiple sides, and doesn't edit any of his guests. The Left gives him a lot of crap any time he has conservatives on, and I just feel like we're better than that.

Redwood [S] 5 points ago

If history tells me anything, people with the most TDS have the most skeletons. I genuinely expect to see some not-so-shocking news involving De Niro next year.