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I remember a clip of him in parliament ir something where he is questioned on corruption and he arrogantly gives the same non answer multiple times

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You don't eject the virus on it's own, lol, it travels on droplets or aerosols.

Again, don't be stupid please

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You suffer because you have to use masks when in closed spaces? And you call leftists sensitive, LOL. You re loterally being snowflakes about it.

No dude, masks dont work, thats why doctors have been using them for decades

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I don't even have a tv bud, and fuck msm. I just use my brain and read the facts on viruses in general and statistics on covid.

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literally wash it at the end of the day or use one time use masks? wtf its not so hard

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You can't quarantine them, especially since a very large portion of them do not live alone. They get it by proxy.

Plus most of them do not have someone to care for them for months.

Plus staying inside all the time is bad for your health. Getting out in the sun/parks helps them.

It's hilarious to see you're so sensitive about wearing a piece of paper of cloth, rofl.

Pause your standard diaper rambling and think about this for a change. If wearing masks "breaks your freedom" or whatever bs you got going on, will you sing the same tune for another virus that spreads as fast as covid and has 50% mortality across all ages? Will you still say that it's everyone else's right NOT to wear them and prevent from spreading and killing people?

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mate, i wrote multiple paragraphs as to why is that. that's just a conclusion for the people that ignore all the facts.

so don't be a little bitch please, thanks

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Disingenuous comment. It has 99% survivability rates for young and middle aged people. For people over 70 or immunocompromised the numbers are much worse.

Comparing wearing masks or not with a right is stupid asf.

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Asymptomatics still can still spread and you can never tell when you have it. So the only reasonable thing is to just wear it.

Over time and with more people getting it, herd immunity will do the work for you. Until then and until a vaccine is implemented, it's best to keep the numbers in check so as to not go over capacity in hospitals and to not kill elderly and immunocompromised people.

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Yes.. that's not how science works. That's why it's absurd to conclude that if 85% of coofers REPORTEDLY wore masks (nobody can test how good they wore it in the first place) that means masks do nothing.

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Listen, even a normal mask and or a piece of clothing WILL filter out particles. Again, that is a fact. You want the least possible amount of particles flying around or reaching surfaces. Will it catch all? No.

This is really a Russian roulette type of thing. Would you play Russian Roulette with a 1/2 chance, 1/6 chance or (a hypothetical) 1/192 chance?

It's the same with reducing the particles flying around.

Again, even if we were to assume masks do nothing to prevent you from getting it, any type of cloth WILL reduce the chance of spread. Surely you can understand that.

As for the other point, if you care about science, people getting coof despite wearing masks is not proof masks do not work. That's like saying people wearing bulletproof clothes still die from getting shot therefore bulletproof clothes do not work.

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Sorry but this is dumb. Masks will of course help with lowering the spread, at the very least.

You wear a mask and you speak/breathe, you will throw far less particles and potential viruses in the air or on surfaces. That is a fact and no sane person would argue otherwise.

It's debatable if wearing one protects yourself but in all likelyhood it does in that it lowers the viral load and viral load is apparently very significant in the severity of the coof.

Last but not least, even if they did wear masks and got it, it's not conclusive evidence that they don't work. Without masks cases could have doubled... or maybe not.. but for that you need randomized trials and control populations which is very hard to get. The point is that it's an error to assume they don't work because some people got it.

I love 90% of things on t_d but this anti mask thing is on par with leftists' 72 genders.

Of course no private entity should be allowed to censor the officials and for that twitter should face charges and govt should take over them (and fb and google)

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Yeah, i mean they're not dumb either, both were computer engineers or something. Just completely obtuse to social trends and propaganda. Like watching 6 year olds

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Honestly i don't know much about her past, I thought she had been conservative all the time.

I am not going to hold a grudge for the normal leftists because sadly i was one 10 years ago (and brainwashing is very real), what i will hold a grudge for is MILITANT leftists.

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It was weird asf for me too, my relatives (who come from Romania so they had 0 prior SJW indoctrination) were all like "You see, redditiscucked2, muslims are nice and it's not their fault, after all we bombed them so it's ok they are mad at us, it's their right to life where they want and how they want, we have no problem with them etc". They had been living in Paris for 20 years

Its like there was a sniper hiding in the bushes waiting for them to slip up.

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Dude i've been in Paris in 2005, 2013 and 2016.

2005 was still somewhat decent.

2013 was hmm wait a minute wtf is with muslims and weird africans every once in a while. Felt off but still just random

2016, just 3 years later, it's like i literally stepped in some African country or Arab or whatever. La Defense for example was so full of them, not to even mention "historical" black zones like Sacre Coeur. They were all over. The subway was literally filled with them on every line.

Also armed patrols with hands on the trigger in so many public spaces. Patrols of 3. Heavily armed. Bag checks on mall and museums entrances. Oh and while i was there i wake up to the news of Niece attack (87 deaths). The people i was staying at invited me the night before to check out the 14 July celebrations (national day of France) and i passed exactly because i feared an attack. I was right, but didn't get the place right.

Fuck France and Paris specifically, never going back

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yes. with very few notable exceptions like Le Pen, Candace Owens, Kayleigh etc

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