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How many times must we teach her this lesson?

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John Wilkes Booth was a democrat.

So was John Hinckley Jr, but he wasn't successful.

So, were there any right wing assassins in America?

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Walmart supports BLM

Target supports pedophiles with Teagan.

Seems like every one is corrupt these days.

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Is it a parody if it's true?

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Sometimes I get the feeling that 4chan was right, that the elite are trying to make themselves a super race by killing off all white and asian people and replacing them with low IQ immigrants.

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Science also says there are only two genders.

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This reads like a four year old who's imagination ran wild.

"And then we had guns, and learned martial arts, and shot lasers out of our eyes, and the right would be so scared of us. And then BOOM, we beat them up and fly away in the sky like superman."

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Leftist Shills: "How Dare DrUmPh Bring Peace To The Middle East!"

"10 reasons why peace in the middle east is bad. Number 8 will shock you."

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They are controlled opposition.

They look right at first glance but actually give out little blue pills.

Watch them, almost all their coverage are in line with CNN, MSNBC, etc. Chris Wallace shills for the left so he can continue to moderate presidential debates. Megyn Kelly used to be on fox until her TDS started to cost them ratings and had to be dumped. Shepard Smith was suffered from TDS and also had to be let go. Neil Cavuto absolutely hates Trump and bashes him on every single show

So where's the proof?

Look to the owner, Rupert Murdoch, who built fox news as a conservative news program. He had a vision and turned Fox into a major network in a single generation, competing with the likes of NBC, ABC, and CBS who had been around for much longer.

But Rupert is getting old and his children are left wing shills. They've been hiring people like the RINO Paul Ryan (a man who actively worked against Trump when the GOP held both the white house and congress) and former DNC chair Donna Brazile (a woman who admitted she gave Hillary the debate questions so she could cheat against Trump)

It's only Tucker, Hannity, and Lou Dobbs who really support the president.

But if you want real news without the BS then watch OANN.

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I'd pick something else unless you know what the square root of "Fuck Trump" is.

They don't have some random sports class like archery?

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Everyone else hates californians.

They vote these dems and their destructive policies in, then abandon their state, move to yours and vote for even more dems there.

And while they're in your city they do nothing but complain about how much better california is compared to everywhere else.

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