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Mathematician here. The problem is that by its very structure Academia breeds cowardice. If a subject matter had any political import whatsoever, anybody who disagrees with the agenda is driven out before they can get tenure. And even if you get tenure after 4 years of undergraduate, 5 to 7 years of grad school, a 3 year postdoc (or two), and a six year period as an assistant professor ( requiring letters of recommendation and diversity letters at every stage of the game), they can still fire your ass if you go against the narrative in anyway on race and gender issues. because now if you disagree with affirmative action you are a danger to your students, you are terrorizing them.

also looking at the way these idiots in the soft Sciences manipulate statistics I can confidently say that any academic consensus on a subject that has any political import whatsoever is useless. Conservatives are absolutely right to doubt anything that comes out of the University. It's all bulshit the damn place you should be defunded outside of the hard Sciences.

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Yeah it's definitely one of my favorites. I hope sensus fidelium put some more stuff on bitchute

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Don't make this about the church. Just listen to the talk, it draws on Western tradition going back to Aristotle. I promise you you won't regret it.

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Yeah Chad Ripperger is the chaddest priest of the 21st century hands down. Straight up demon crusher.

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A Catholic priest named father Chad Ripperger put it best: women do not become feminists because they are proud, but because they are ashamed of being women.

A carpenter needs a hammer and a saw. Trying to use a saw to hammer a nail does not make the saw equal to the hammer, nor does using the saw to cut wood degrade the saw.

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The mods deleted my post.

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Well my post has been deleted. so even if you in a lot of trump supporters agree the moderators of this website won't allow that opinion to be heard

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Yeah he can still get out of this. he needs to point out that we need to target this towards the people who actually need it, that we don't have the resources especially in a time of economic trouble, to just throw around money willy-nilly.

He will catch some flak at first but I think people will really respect it.

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No, this proves you can't read. I already said I'm in favor of a different type of stimulus, when will we actually send a meaningful amount of money to the people who are actually affected by this, instead of shooting money all over the economy even to people (like government workers) who are still receiving their paychecks.

You're an embarrassment to this movement.

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well like I said in my original post I don't have a problem with doing some kind of a stimulus in this particular situation, because yeah the virus is not reflect and underlying structural problem in the economy, but the creation of temporary conditions that will go away.

But that's not what we're doing here with this plan, we're just throwing money away without actually doing anything that will preserve the industries we need to preserve. Throwing two thousand bucks that every American family is not going to help the airline industry if they're not even allowed to fly anyway. It's not going to fill up bars and restaurants. It's not going to create more hospital beds.

All it's going to do is cause inflation as people have more money to spend on the goods that are available right now during this pandemic. It probably won't even produce much more real actual stuff for people to use, nor will I preserve the affected parts of the economy from disaster. We will have borrowed a s*** ton of money and evaluate our currency for nothing. At a time when we really need our money and resources the fight this virus and preserve our economy for the future.

It's madness. There's a spider on our foot and we just shot our foot to get it off.

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Sure send me your account information. I also know a Nigerian prince who needs to store some money in your account too. You mind holding on to say $100,000 for me?

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Dude you have no f****** understanding of economics. This is a massive mistake and we will all pay for it.

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it reinforces the whole idea that all we have to do is print money and give it away to people and everything will be fine.

No, brings about prosperity is the amount of goods that are produced. This stimulus does nothing to help us produce the goods that we are losing because of this virus. The virus will continue to stop us from producing those. all it will do is make it so that there was more money going after the few goods that are still being produced, causing inflation. so we will go in debt in order to have to pay more money for goods that we already have.

This is complete Insanity. It's already bad enough how this virus is going to hurt our economy, but now we are needlessly taking on two trillion dollars more in debt and devaluing currency at the same time.

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I've heard that Mnuchin is willing to spend 10 trillion dollars in b******* measures like this. If he goes through with it, our currency will be dead within a couple of years, it won't be the next generation that pays it will be ourselves. And we will deserve it.

This is exactly the kind of overreaction to the virus that will absolutely f*** us over. and everyone in Washington is on board with it, everyone on Wall Street is begging for it, and most people on mainstreet think they want it as well. They think money can just appear magically and make everything better.

America is f****** itself over. We won't be a superpower by 2030, and this overreaction is a big reason why.

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All this will do is cause inflation.

If we were really trying to give relief for the businesses and employees affected here's what you do: you loosen up and streamline the rules for claiming unemployment for those in industries that are impacted by this. You offer bridge loans or even grants for businesses that are impacted by this. In other words you actually target the people you claim to be trying to help.

Just shitting money all over the the middle and lower classes will do nothing but cause inflation. it won't help businesses that are still forced to be closed, and only a portion of it will help the people that were supposedly trying to help.

This is the dumbest f****** thing I've ever heard of. we are shooting ourselves in the foot far worse than this virus could ever could have heard us with his idiotic bill. you can't just throw around trillions of dollars as though it's made up at a funny money that's Bernie Sanders thinking.

it is enraging to see how many idiots there are who support this b*******. This is how America falls.

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Liars and murderers from the beginning, like their master.

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False. When Trump first became president he deliberately intimidated Comey into hiding behind the curtain where his quivering hands would leave behind a DNA sample. After genetic testing it was discovered that Comey is susceptible to heart disease.

Paleo diet, carnivore diet, keto diet were all "research" funded through shell companies by the Trump organization and were promulgated in order to lure Comey into adopting the worst possible diet for his health. And now the hook is finally in his mouth.

This plan has been in the works all along and Comey will be dead within 30 years. So enough concern trolling. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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That's what you think you want. But the best revenge is to watch the traitors slowly succumb to the ravages of old age. Even now there are reports that Comey, thanks to his material prosperity and sense of peace in the fact that he will never be prosecuted, has started to partake of a rich diet of seafood and steaks that is started to line his arteries with cholesterol. 4d Chess brothers, trust Sessions!

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14 year old girl decides she wants to become a boy, medical clinic agrees she should become a boy.

Mother and father don't want her to go through the hormone therapy, Court overrules both of them. Not only do they compel the parents to give the girl hormones to make her look more boy like, they compel the parents to refer to her as a boy.

Father proceeds to call her a girl anyway, gets arrested for "family violence". Is also punished for speaking out to the press.

Daughter is continuing to receive hormones. She'll have to shave her face for the rest of her life, she will never be able to have children. She will be a freak forever. Parents can do nothing or they will be put in jail.

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I only really care about one thing: did someone in the government ever create or pass on a document to the FBI which included a more vivid description of the pee tape than what occurs in the Steele dossier?

If the answer to that question is yes, I have two follow ups:

Where can I find it online?

Is there a bane post in it?

If such a thing truly exists, it will be a small fact that makes me smile whenever I think about it for the rest of my life.

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Dude I'm joking.

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I remember a little while ago somebody posted an image of what was supposedly part of the Steele Dossier. In it, they describe Trump doing indecent things with a transvestite, and the transvestite says, "you're a big guy" to which Trump responds, "for you."

Sadly when I downloaded the Steele dossier to see if this was real it wasn't. The absurd claim that Trump paid hookers to pee on Barack Obama's bad is in there, but not the bane post.

Anyway I was very disappointed but now that Sanders is in the Russia game we have new opportunity. Maybe now we can get this into an FBI document about Sanders getting cuckolded by Putin. And then of course use it as a pretext to spy on his campaign.

Everyone wants us to copy the Obama administration and use the FBI to spy on the Democrats. But to me it's not good enough just to copy them. We got to up the ante. We've gotta throw shitposts into the fraudulent documents that we manufacture to justify spying on the Democrats. Then imprison anybody who doubts their veracity for being a Russian agent.

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Not unless she starts supporting Trump.

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He got the story out about what happened to Stone, and the juror, which is unjust on its face.

It's just like the situation with Biden in Ukraine. The corruption is obvious on its face, and the stupid Democrats got baited into trying to impeaching him over it, thus making it a national story and crushing Biden's campaign.

This thing with Stone is indicative of the entire Mueller prosecution efforts. If Democrats tried to impeach Trump over it again, the effect will be two-fold: crazy liberals will hate Trump more and become more unhinged, and sane people will be made more aware of just how unjust and abusive the Mueller prosecution was.

People keep on worrying that Trump will look bad, like he's abusing his power. The people who are inclined to believe that already do believe that he's literally Nazi Hitler 2.0. Trump has nothing to lose with them anyway.

And if Barr has a problem with Trump it's good to find out now, so that we can flush him out and get a real prosecutor in there.

And let the Republicans try to go against Trump. They don't dare.

Strategy dictates that Trump needs to be bold now and start cracking heads. He owns the electorate.

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