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Funny movie. Johnny Dep used to hang out with Hunter Thompson. Here's the bat scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcSCG45tAx4

Hunting for bats with new and unusual viruses is a big thing in China.

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There is another treatment that is very promising, as in 100% recovery and that is ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug given to animals. Malaria is also caused by a parasite, so the covid-19 virus is defeated by anti-parasite drugs - strange.

Just discovered that ivermectin is also given to humans in tablet form.

There are effective treatments out there and that's what the focus should be now. That and getting up and running again.

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I think we can start calling these deaths murders. If Boris isn't given hydroxycloroquine which has proven to be safe, effective and available, and he dies, then he was murdered. There is no excuse at this point.

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I said mostly. I live in a GOP state that has lots of guidelines for social distancing, but they are not threatening to arrest people. It remains to be seen if the modelers screwed up, but if they did, Trump will still be blamed.

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You're not a shill. A lot of people here are waking up to the fact that the total lockdown was a bad idea but Trump was put into a no-win situation and the best he can do at this point is to end it as soon as possible. He definitely needs to get a Back-to-Work Task Force together to get over the many, many obstacles the left is going to put in the way.

Edit: Wait, I just read an article that pointed out that the recommendations Trump gave for handling the virus were fairly mild and did not include shutting down everything - it has been the states that have taken all the draconian measures. Not only that, this article predicts that Trump will be blamed for any damage to the economy - I think that's a given. Here's the article: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/04/did_trump_ruin_our_economy_for_nothing.html

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If you test positive, you are going to have to DEMAND hydroxycloroquine. Better yet, check with your doctor right now and make sure they will prescribe the drug immediately, if you need it.

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It should be clear to everyone that the left is taking advantage of this crisis and doesn't want it to end. It will end if people get better. This ought to be the biggest red pill of all time.

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I would like to know if any of these many deaths we are being told to expect include people who were started on the hydroxycloroquine treatment right away or as soon as they had symptoms.

We can't evaluate the situation unless we get more details such as:
*How many people had less than a year to live?

*How many people had other conditions which increased their risk of dying and what were these conditions?

  • What were the age, sex, etc, of the people who died?
  • What treatments did these people receive?

One America News has already asked for this information which should be available to all citizens.

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Trump is going to need his supporters more than ever now as he tries to get us back on track. We, his internet activists, are going to have to step up to the challenge even more.

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Maybe this is just showing that the hospitals are ready for an onslaught of patients, I don't know what to think. It seems crazy though, hospitals with empty parking lots everywhere. (As Scott Adams has pointed out - we don't know what to believe anymore.)

We apparently have an effective treatment in place which people should get immediately if they test positive for covid-19 - hydroxycloroquine.

So why not start anybody that tests positive on this treatment, people at higher risk should take more precautions, and everybody else can go back to work. Children, a group that has never been at risk can go back to school. I mean WTF!

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Of course Trump is the one who started informing people about this and it is moving forward. But it is disturbing that anyone now might die because they didn't know about this treatment or because Democrat leaders are trying to stop it.

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The person we need to tell is The President.

I read through this entire comment section on the importance of using hydroxycloroqine, zinc, and a Z-Pak (antibiotics) to save the lives of our fellow countrymen. The people here get it

Contact Trump's staff at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ and tell them what you think. Strength in numbers.

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I hope this will not be the lesson learned from this "emergency" - i.e. that we have to lose our minds because people will die during flu season.

I think there were some valid lessons to be learned here such as:

We are not prepared as we should be for a true and serious pandemic.

That there may be inexpensive, effective treatments for the flu such as hydroxychloroquine (it works on all coronavirus).

That Democrat leaders and the MSM are even more vile than we imagined.

    1. Democrat leaders are willing to deny effective treatments to citizens.
    2. The MSM suddenly discovers that people die of the flu and encourages
     people to panic.
    3. Democrats take advantage of panic to push their agenda.

Many of our leaders are willing to use any excuse to take away our civil rights.

That we can't count on the police to protect us during a pandemic since:

    1. They may be sick too.
    2. Some leaders may release prisoners so they won't get sick.

Millennials got to see what empty shelves look like.

We all got to see how important the real people who keep this country going are:

    1. the farmers.
    2. the truckers
    3. the grocery store workers
    4. the medical community
    6. everyone who is part of our supply chain.

China can make our cups and trinkets but not our medicines or anything to do with our defense.

Borders are important.

Anything else?

------My SO added that when the shit hits the fan make sure you have enough toilet paper.------

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