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https://ballisticarmorco.com/ makes a pretty decent helmet that's not outrageously expensive.

I'd also suggest, and take it as you will, getting some sort of extended charging handle for that rifle like one from BCM.

Lastly, nice optic and light choice. Sig makes some pretty good optics for the price point. I've got Romeos on most of my rifles too.

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That's not why they banned it. That's the bullshit excuse they claimed they were banning it for. They banned it because it hurts the Democrat's chances of seizing full control of the nation.

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Kick Turkey out of NATO. No true alliance should ever be made with a Muslim nation. They inherently cannot be trusted.

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More so than I will ever support an Mohammedan nation, which I will always loathe and wish nothing but the worst of things for. I will always place America first, and don't put much stock in any "allies", and I don't see anything wrong with that really. Every nation should place themselves first. We can be friends with the ones that aren't inherently evil, such as any that are Mohammedan or Communist, but it's still a competition between us, even if most of the time it's more or less friendly. They look to themselves first, and we look to ourselves first, as it should be. But as far as allies go, there are worse choices, and I so appreciate that Israel is standing against Islam, and in an area of the world where that really counts. The whole world is better off when there is less Islam around, so I support anyone who is will to stand up to it and fight back. Israel does a better job at that than most, and I appreciate that. I'll never support them past the point where it becomes a liability to the United States, but I will up to that point, and with a smile on my face.

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Quick question, is there a chance this big maintenance push these few days might fix the whole users getting force logged out over and over? This is happening to me a dozen times a day, sometimes every 10 or so minutes, on multiple devices on multiple networks, using several different OSs, both on an off a VPN, so I'm relatively certain it's not a local problem on my end.

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This is something a Traitor here needs to legitimately no-joke be put against the wall and shot for.

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Now how about another one that just say, "Seriously though, Amendment II is pretty fucking explicit. Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed. All laws restricting, limiting, banning, taxing, or otherwise preventing Citizens from obtaining any firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories they desire and storing or carrying them on their person or their property all illegal, regardless of features, size, mechanical function, length, capacity, color, fire rate, ammunition type, or any other physical aspect."

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I think that might be a different fungus. I had a fungal infection on my right little toenail for years. It didn't hurt or cause any problems, it just made the toenail material yellow, bloated and spongy. There's an antifungal liquid you can use on that, it takes a long time and you have to apply it several times a day, but it does eventually clear it up after a few months. In order to cut that little toenail down to size, since it grew up as well as long, I no joke used a dremel with a little sandpaper bit. I'd sand it down every two weeks or so to make it easier to apply the antifungal liquid.

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Jesus Christ. Those toenails. What on earth is happening?

That's a sick shotgun though. I've always liked that matte silver "mariner" style shotgun.

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They wouldn’t describe themselves as communists or marxists.

Which is of course irrelevant, and false. They are absolutely communists and Marxists.

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Well Sean Parnell is a former Army infantry platoon leader, so he's been doing the carrying guns things for quite a while.

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Sean Parnell hasn't been elected yet either. He's also a future member of Congress.

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Pretty sure Sean Parnell owns a Glock, and a lot more too.

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My mom who was an actual hippy back in the 60s texted me a few days ago out of the blue and said she had started listening to Ben Shapiro.

He might be a cuck from our POV, but he does serve as a pretty decent bridge towards the truth for normies.

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I've read this headline a dozen times over the years, but it never gets old. Who even accepts that job anymore knowing it had such a short lifespan?

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Cmon u/storytimehour, there are a lot more important problems than Hunter's laptop to worry about. We have to end apartheid for one. And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger. We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless, and oppose racial discrimination and promote civil rights, while also promoting equal rights for women. We have to encourage a return to traditional moral values. Most importantly, we have to promote general social concern and less materialism in young people.

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How the fuck hasn't he been arrested?

Consequences are for plebs and Republicans.

The Left didn't spend 70+ years infiltrating and taking control of every organization and bureaucracy in the nation to just not use that to give themselves immunity to consequences.

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Being the next Woodward and Bernstein has always meant only going after Republicans though. There were plenty of egregious scandals from democrats even back then. Look how much philandering and likely illegal debauchery the Kennedy's got away with. There was an understanding that you just don't publish a story that might undermine "Camelot". A Republican like Nixon though was always a juicy target.

They are being the next Woodward and Bernstein by ignoring Leftist criminal activity and scandals while only looking to destroy Republicans.

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Do they really need to blackmail the antiPope into doing Marxist shit though? He is an actual Marxist after all, I imagine he doesn't need any convincing to go along with the CCP.

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How widespread is the knowledge of all this really though? The Left has an iron grip over all social media, 98% of all "news" sources, and basically controls all information getting to the vast majority of people. Yeah, we know what happened, but is Kayleigh the dental hygienist in Eugene Oregon who only really uses the internet for Facebook, Pintrest and Netflix and doesn't really follow politics getting all this information? If so, how, and how can we ensure the Left's MiniTruth isn't memory holing it?

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