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I'm open to hearing your point but you didn't really explain it. How exactly does saying what you said about her help Trump win?

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Trump respects her, I'll respect her.

Her passing is a big enough boon to the right, I won't gloat over her death if it's not necessary

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Blue-checked by the end of the night

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do we riot? Like what the fuck can we do?

Kind of a one-trick party, ain't they?

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Too bad Ruth! Enjoy the afterlife, wherever that may send you

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They always want to change the rules lmao

They're literally adults with the minds and intellects of preschoolers

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May she rest in peace

Condolences to her family


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"Fight for women by raping them and drowning them. Fight against child porn by making child porn. I'm proud of the violent rapist and his antisemitic family is wonderful. The American flag is racist and white people are bad."

This is actually the state of Democrats in 2020. They're screwed

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Grifting how, exactly? You think we should reject people who didn't come to the same conclusions you did by the same time you came to them? It wasn't until about 10 or 12 months ago that I was sure I'd be voting for Trump. Now I can hardly wait to go vote for him. How is he a douche? You're acting like he's a RINO or something, pretending to be on the right but not walking the walk. He's the opposite. He's a moderate lefty-lib who's all-in for Trump now. That should tell you something about how much of a landslide it's gonna be for Trump. Of course it's going to take lefties longer to come around to Trump. The important fact is that they are coming around for TRUMP! That's fucking fantastic after 4 years of nothing but fake news and lies 24-7 from MSM propagandists. It's damn near miraculous. Anybody that wants to come from the left, reject woke cult shit, and vote for Trump, I say "welcome friend let's MAGA!"

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He says he's working with some like-minded people on building a legitimate news network that sticks to the old school ethics of journalism, like citing three good sources before publishing a story, staying politically neutral, et cetera. I'm all for it. I like Tim. He's a lefty, but he's the kind of lefty I could have a beer and a good conversation with. He hates fake news and he hates commies, and now he's even on board with gun rights. I'm looking foward to seeing what he does with the name he's bulilding for himself, he's a solid American bro.

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Can you be more specific OP? He passionately declares he's voting Trump openly now, almost every episode. What exactly do you want from him? He obliterates fake news, commends Trump regularly, encourages people to vote Trump and exposed all kinds of leftist shenanigans. What else should he do?

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