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He did fantastic. So proud of this guy. Wish it was another hour long

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I can’t believe this isn’t being talked about more. Rudy is exposing the real story of the Ukraine, witnesses included in a series of podcasts and it’s like nobody cares. He is doing this in a trial format. I posted this link 9 hours ago and not one comment.

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I just finished it. Can’t wait till the next episode. He’s going to lay out his case.

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The second drop is a two year delta tomorrow

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To those who are worried about a prolonged war with Iran just wait 24 hrs. and see how this plays out. We can destroy them without one boot on the ground and POTUS doesn’t want a ground war. With Trump you just have to use the 24 hour rule and see how things play out.

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Can somebody explain what he means by this statement. It implies that Strok needed a restraining order to keep someone else away from Lisa Page???

It implies a 3rd party

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This needs to get out there folks. Tweet it if you have a Twitter account. Graham is as dirty as any of them.

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We should start moving away from all corrupt social media sites. Instead of twitter try Parler.com. Instead of YouTube try bitcute.com. Highly recommend Parler.com it’s full of great patriots