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We love our somalis, oh they're so good oh they're so sweet.

SOME loud blacks and cucks...

am i forced to do a full disclaimer in a post title as our Country is being completely fucked in the ass for the sake of the feelings of someone who hates me and would kill me if they had the chance?

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only junkies like us feel every reverberation of politics. most people just realize life is better and life is good so Trump 2020. As long as we can force the Dems to keep winning.

RIP_The_Donald 2 points ago

not an anime fan but I have to admit, Coronachan is a guilty pleasure

RIP_The_Donald 4 points ago

Tell me how

Sued for discrimination against whites is a sentence you will never hear in a courtroom.

RIP_The_Donald 6 points ago

they got away with it. i can't be any more angry, i am at my limit. I was at my limit when Ukraine Hoax happened.

RIP_The_Donald 28 points ago

idk man, a drop in an ocean of illegals and leftists seems like a waste, especially when me and my families safety is at stake. Kinda rather shore up the base somewhere that truly matters.

RIP_The_Donald 5 points ago

main difference is the slaying of all non muslims.

but you understand abrogation correct? and how they hide behind the koran when there are actually 3 or 4 books that continue to lay out their political ideology? any peace and love bullshit is overwritten by kill and conquer guidelines later on

RIP_The_Donald 6 points ago

stopped listening at "not much different from the bible"

RIP_The_Donald 7 points ago

the only man in politics to ever make radical islamic terrorism a major campaign issue, i would disagree. The Donald has forever been one of the ONLY places on the internet to bash the death cult of Islam.

If not here, then nowhere

RIP_The_Donald 6 points ago

good thing we're not the President or the campaign then. imagine having to be presidential on The Donald.

just because the president fulfilled one of his major campaign promises (and one i was most interested in) and bombed the shit out of the goat fuckers, does not mean the problem is gone and should be ignored.

RIP_The_Donald 3 points ago

Unforgivable. Should be shamed every day until the Lion party replacements are ready to take the torch

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