RIP_The_Donald [S] 4 points ago

agree. why bother making charts with China's numbers? And why bother when more tests = more numbers as we test more in 8 days than anyone else.

RIP_The_Donald [S] 4 points ago

this would be the second best thing to ever happen to the presidency. Wouldn't count it out either. GEOTUS has paved the way for such things.

RIP_The_Donald [S] 5 points ago

lol ikr. Dems have ZERO good to campaign on, we're winning every single metric . Who benefits from a 100% focus on anything but the election.

RIP_The_Donald [S] 12 points ago

the virus articles are all basically the same thing too. Oh this guy's predictions and stunning insight who cares

RIP_The_Donald [S] 0 points ago

pfft i need no church with men in costumes to get with god. Prefer not to have them really.

RIP_The_Donald [S] -1 points ago

There is a point on many subjects where he has the luxury of relaxing back into his idealism and he doesn't fight that extra mile for Trump or us.

RIP_The_Donald [S] 2 points ago

i love tucker to death. There is just a disconnect at some level where he doesn't need Trump like we all do.

RIP_The_Donald [S] 48 points ago

all the accounts are pretty new here but yeah the coronaposters jacking off to fear porn all day every day is gross

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