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All the man did was ask her to leash her dog as required by Central Park rules, and this is the result. She’s strangling her poor dog while lying to 911 that she’s is being threatened by the guy recording. I’m betting she’s voting for the other Biden

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Beast Mode 🔥🔥🔥, love him!

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Black sliver is way too big, but agreed

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Posted on his Instagram:

UPDATE from Team West: Here is what we know:

According to law enforcement on the scene, a car cut LTC West off, resulting in two motorcycles colliding, one of which was his. He was transported by helicopter to the hospital, where he is currently in stable condition and undergoing assessment.

Family and members of Team West are at the hospital, and we will continue to provide updates.

We appreciate the support and kind notes and solicit your continued prayers.


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Yeah, it does when the laws are violate my constitutional rights. I don’t blindly follow every edict by the corrupt politicians. I dont approve of people milking unemployment, I didn’t say that I disagree with businesses informing if an employee refuses to come back to work, I said it bothers me.

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Haha, all you triggered fucks downvoting me because I said snitching bothers me. You bunch of hypocrites, bitching about people snitching on social distancing but get your nuts twisted when I say I don’t like snitching to the government. Just as hypocritical as the Leftist cucks 🖕🏼

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But different officers came back and ticketed both of them, fucked up

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