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You get freedom out of it. They're being paid pennies in comparison.

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Its embarrassing that we always put so little effort into the things that matter like protesting the Georgia recount. No wonder were losing to commies

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Thedonald sucks at organizing rallies. Leftists and Commies make our "organizational skills" look like shit.

The whole point of nationalism is a unified identity. Get together and get down there. Elect some community leaders with a past resume that includes large scale organization, give them a permanent sticky on the Donald.

Time to go from memes to a real life presence. Keyboard warriors evolve.

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"It can be done. By putting these things into law."

"It cannot."

There's no argument here. You're just a poor defeatist that gave up. We don't want you here. You "MAGA" like a lib.

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It won't matter unless we take the NSA with them.

CIA and FBI are the left and right arms, but we need the face behind the curtain.

End the NSA's unconstitutional destruction of your rights.

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They said the same thing about electing Trump. Get on the train or stfu.

We don't you need this new influx of do nothing losers. Go back to the RINOs, they're calling.

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Defund higher education to stop indoctrination first. Then move on primary schools to get rid of common core. Everything should be merit based. Retarded kid? Goes with the other retards. So forth.

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Educate the populace. Fix the messed up primary school systems. Teach problem solving through math and sciences. Force them to be in person so students learn social skills. No more participation awards. Yes, your kid can fail. It will build character.

Kind of unrelated: end federally funded higher education. Let them sort out their costs properly and nix the worthless degrees.

I also do not want to pay for their bullshit research with my tax dollars. They treat it as free money. They can get fucked and learn some business skills.

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I mean, they're literally mentally abused and beat down, until they know to follow orders no matter what. The incidence of military "following orders" will be astronomical compared to the already shitty police.

No salt being thrown. It's an important necessity to have discipline, but it's also absolutely psychological abuse meant to batter down any resistance to taking orders or being "unique" as those things will get your allies killed.

They also make the army into passable drones for the politicking generals.

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Virtue Signalling for the MAGA movement. You really stuck it to that minimum wage employee.

Could've protested at the polls or stuck it to a poll worker, but fuck that college kid with no savings right?

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Most anime is commie propaganda trash too, with effeminate faggot protagonists.

lmao. what a perspective. sounds exactly like the faggot leftists. "all anime is tentacle porn."

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will trounce that not-enough-manliness idiocy right away.

Difference between you and a lefty (hypothetically...)? You have a brain and can make distinctions as well judgements calls. Go try again after experiencing some new things. Broader life experiences will boot that lefty sense of judgement right out of you.

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MAGA movement has almost completely deteriorated ever since NFL goons started joining.

Went from action and memes to constant calls of unfulfilled violence. These country boys larp harder than Antifa about how they're going to use their guns to protect their freedom.

Like we don't need guns yet, but you maybe you jackasses could lineup football style, like your heroes, and and push your way through into that station with cameras rolling.

They won't though because they're all about sitting on their ass and having their buddies yak them up.

*edit: I've thrown out 4 comments over the past month attesting to the same thing hoping for some rebuttal: NFL cucks came here to get jacked off by their fellows after the world at large let them know that they're the Dunning Kruger effect incarnate, and they're dragging down the MAGA movement with their somebody else take action mentality. "Fuck off jerk, I've got work!" and "Back the blue, even if they're attacking you!" seem to be their rallying mantra.

Downvotes with no response other than basic REEEE, "pussy faggot" "go home nerd" low iq stuff. You guys barely make the memes anymore because you're becoming the memes instead.

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Yo but kicking the ones in the back is easy. And it makes me feel good. I don't come here to actually MAGA. I just want somebody to stroke my ego after the lefties called me an -ist and made me feel less secure in myself.

I'm just trying to kick back with the boys you know?

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Nothing against speaking your mind, that it's illogical and incorrect is what's important.

The police will be your enemy as soon s they're given the order. Even the few that rebel will quickly be put down as bad apples. Even if 7% rebel, they get kicked out and suddenly 100% are against you again.

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Obama spent 4+ years pounding in activist judges just so dumbasses can cry rule of the courts only to get assfucked.

Constitution is all that matters for the US government and it allows for armed revolt.

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They deserve to lose at that point. It'll all repeat in 40 years otherwise. I'm sick of conservatives leaving problems for their children.

You "stand down" fuckers are some of the worst in the MAGA movement. Everyone else is pushing it forward and you guys are constantly trying to reign it back to the 1980s.

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To the police, we are that abusive husband. The POS stealing your jeep, the crazies trying to infect random people on the street. To the police, we are th bad guys. They will treat us just like very other POS that goes around beating his wife, stealing, looting and murdering (as long as your white).

Your feel good, Karen level compassion is the reason we're gong to get Trojan Horses by your precious boys in blue.

" My personal experience deny your statistics and broad facts followed various emotional feel good statements."

Every leftist ever. "Not all black people. Not all Cops, Not all communists, not all muslims." No, not all. But the vast majority, which is enough. These "protect the blue" statements feel like they aren't bad, but you're going to be directly responsible for all on our side that get killed by police when it comes down to it.

And the police will feel like heros doing it, they'll be protecting the world from you and your corona virus nasties. No different than protecting your mom from her abusive husband. When we cheer on george floyd for getting what he deserved, the cops will be cheering on Blurpy, for getting what he deserves for not wearing his mask.

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Look at their boys in blue standing up for the people when the chips are down.

I count at least three launching themselves over their brethren to more effectively pepper spray protesters far out of reach (and therefore doing no harm).

The same way I go after bonus loot in a video game. That's not doing their job, that's getting fucking hyped to put down an uprising. Put simple people in positions with big sticks and let them loose after a little mental conditioning. That's the boys in blue.

Our police money could be more effectively spent. When has a police officer ever done anything god for you? They're constant outwitted by even the lowest level criminals. But not you. They can do whatever they want to you.

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The Great Reset is Copyright law's final form. We've been working our way here for 80+ years. Thankfully we woke up in time to rewind it back. Copyright's gotta be restricted back to 4 years + a 4 years extension. We're destroying our creativity so business can own our lives.

Rule #1 of the Great Reset - "You don't own anything. Everything is rented."

The World Economic Forum deleted the video that said this and their 7 other rules after it aired due to the backlash. But I've found a video of a guy watching watching the video that didn't get removed.


Archive it on your computer (NVIDIA users can hit alt+f9 to record it using shadowplay. AMD has their own easy to use program too.) Just let it play and save yourself a copy, its like 2 minutes.

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Instantly loses all credibility among the only targets we're actually trying to convince.

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