ProfessorOak [S] 1 point ago

Is it only illegal to use it if you have WuFlu? If that's the case, then why are others allowed to use something that's so "unsafe"? As someone who has experience with ongoing medical problems, few things make me angrier than the government telling medical professionals how to do their job.

ProfessorOak [S] 1 point ago

Jeez, I didn't know he was injured THAT badly. I knew it was worse than the media was making it out to be, but good grief did they down play it! This makes me even more worried with him having this virus putting even more strain on his lungs.

ProfessorOak [S] 3 points ago

Here's your solution: gang member gunshot victims can wait for a bed instead of the corona virus patients

ProfessorOak [S] 2 points ago

The water hoarding is really dumb too. It's not like the power or water is going to get turned off. If it did, you'd need to have way more preparation than a few gallons of water since it would take society collapsing to get to that point.

ProfessorOak [S] 12 points ago

Tbh the whole idea of climate change centers around the idea that if you give the government enough money, they can stop the apocalypse from happening

ProfessorOak [S] 10 points ago

Things have gotten so crazy that I can't tell if you're joking or if this is a real thing

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My assumption has been that they are saving all the money they are making now for next presidential election. I don't know if that's what they're doing, but it makes more sense than seriously trying to run Biden.

ProfessorOak [S] 3 points ago

Anybody got a list or links to the scientists that were purged? Maybe we can Streisand effect their names and studies

ProfessorOak [S] 7 points ago

Whatcha wanna bet that he goes on one of his weirdo tangents during his acceptance speech?

"Four score and seven years ago, I became the senator of South Carolina and Nelson Mandela threw me in the clink where I had to fight off a gang by the name of Frosted Mini-wheats with my trusty, rusty switch-knife. And that's no joke!"

ProfessorOak [S] 11 points ago

Yeah didn't he get all excited at one of the debates talking about his support for the green new deal? Watching those always kills a few brain cells though so I might not be remembering correctly

ProfessorOak [S] 4 points ago

The only people that wouldn't vote for GEOTUS twice are people who voted for him very begrudgingly in the first place. Someone who despised Hillary enough to vote against her, but they never actually agreed with Trump on anything. I wouldn't really call someone like that a supporter. If we completely disregard the liars (which most of them probably are), the people claiming to be "former Trump supporters" are being disingenuous since they never actually supported his bid for the presidency in the first place.

ProfessorOak [S] 9 points ago

Just make sure it's not the same password. Reddit might get "hacked" and only the_donald users' passwords might get leaked.

ProfessorOak [S] 19 points ago

If she were to win in 2020, I think it would be pretty obvious to everyone (not just Trump voters) that massive voter fraud had occurred. If she couldn't win 2016, when people thought that Trump would destroy the country in a matter of days, she certainly couldn't win after he's proven to be more than competent at the job. He's a dove in comparison to the past 2 presidents.