ProCannonFodder [S] 6 points ago

I watch only OANN instead of FoxNews now except for two hours a week...Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfield.

ProCannonFodder [S] 35 points ago

Seems to me I remember Trump speaking with MBS just before they made this move. So I think you are right and Trump obviously gave the "go-ahead"..

ProCannonFodder [S] 2 points ago

lol and somebody call Puerto Rico, if they're not going to use the warehouses of stuff send that shit back.

ProCannonFodder [S] 3 points ago

Since so many people that actually have jobs are home on social media maybe their filters cant handle the strain?

ProCannonFodder [S] 7 points ago

This virus sure is making hard for the CIA to stage another shooting. Silver linings.

ProCannonFodder [S] 2 points ago

I'd love to see Brennan wrapped by a seat belt getting a last smoke while Dog prays to him.....

ProCannonFodder [S] 2 points ago

How many people have died from the flu in the same time period? Why dont they report this? I've heard every argument about 20x worse and the totals of flu deaths for 2019-20 but since the first of the 88 or so WuFlu deaths I'd like to know how many regular flu deaths there are...

ProCannonFodder [S] 13 points ago

He routinely tells his "sent to an internment camp" story yet somehow always fails to mention that it was the democrats who did it...weird.

ProCannonFodder [S] 1 point ago

How many more retirement homes will John Brennan visit before this is over?

ProCannonFodder [S] 5 points ago

Now I am really worried, this has to be one of the signs of the apocalypse. It will be raining blood tomorrow, we are screwed.

ProCannonFodder [S] 9 points ago

Trump hasn't become hated by all yet. They are hoping the harder they make it for you the more you will blame Trump.

ProCannonFodder [S] 1 point ago

He was referencing Chelsea unless you were referencing something I dont

ProCannonFodder [S] 7 points ago

If China had 60k McDonalds there would be no virus.

ProCannonFodder [S] 2 points ago

to the right of Lincoln already has his silhouette.

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