Pres_Trump [S] -6 points ago

This touting of the creation jobs is actually quite laughable and I wonder why they are going this route. The creation of jobs wasn't actually a creation it was just people going back to the jobs they already had.

Pres_Trump [S] 3 points ago

Yeh, that is horrible. I believe they still tried to word play it as not a big deal.

Pres_Trump [S] 2 points ago

There are a lot of pictures with her and President Trump. In SDNY you can guess where this is going to go.

Pres_Trump [S] 16 points ago

So, President Trump was right and one of the leading Dr's in the United States for decades was wrong? I suppose we shall see retractions from the MSM??

Pres_Trump [S] 1 point ago

As long as a plant can prove to a MFR they can make there product with the recommended specs at a cheap price they will label that plant as an "Accredited" plant. Let us say after normal business hours this accredited plant decides to keep running parts using the approved labels and holds on to them.

Pres_Trump [S] 8 points ago

Dude is pretty willing to defend himself publicly. I tend to think he is innocent. Even with his involvement with OJ. The real thing is he is involved with very high level issues in our Country. Not sure why.

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