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Meme of the 2020 Campaign, so far!!!!

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Is Tucker's producer so stupid that he didn't keep a copy?

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If you actually look at the Tweet and read the Chart correctly, it says RED LINE IS VBM LEAD!!!

The Blue Line is Net Lead (Vote By Mail Dem Lead - In Person Early Vote Rep Lead!)

Comparing two different things. Stupid.

(Just look at the Blue Line. The early Dem VBM Lead is proving to be not nearly enough as Rep In Person Early Vote is coming in huge this week. Dem voters are simply not showing up In Person to vote, even in Blue Counties like Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. This bodes very ill for Dems on Election Day.

Trump is in great shape to win Florida.)

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Huge crowd!!

For Melania in PA!! Going on right now!!!!!

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This is just the In Person Early Vote numbers. Including Vote By Mail, Dems still lead big in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. But not nearly big enough!!

They also need big leads in In Person Voting. They are not getting it.

These numbers are devastating for them.

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We have waited for 4 years. We patiently watched them tear our country down.

November 3 will be OUR turn to RESIST.

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People are still coming in!!

The secret service scan for weapons is backed up a bunch.. But, people aren't leaving....

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In Texas, Independents typically go 60 - 40 to Republicans. So, with 6.2 million votes cast, it is a good guess that Trump is leading 59 - 41!!

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Every single person around him (secret service, RSBN hosts, co-speakers etc. etc.) works in 3 to 4 shifts per day.

One man works EVERY SINGLE shift.

He is the President of the United States of America.

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This is in Bucks County PA. About the bluest county in PA.

Our Trump Car Rally last week had 6700 cars!!!

This Biden Rally has about 15!!

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PA looks worse than other states for 1 simple reason. We only have Vote By Mail which is pretty much all Dem.

Our VBM numbers look very similar to NC, FL, GA, OH etc. Except they also have In Person Early Voting. Which is dominated by Rep. So, you can see that Net (VBM + IPEV) Trump is looking great in other states. PA doesn't have that benefit. Election Day voting will be Huuuuuuuge here in PA.

(MI is an anomaly. Dems are doing poorly in MI VBM compared to other states. I think we are underestimating how much Governor Hitler is hated in MI)

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Nancy Pelosi will do a press conference talking about Quivers and Peachmints!!!

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Rural Georgia early voting is ALREADY over 50% of 2016 TOTALS!!!!

This is HUGE news. For PA!!!

Huge for PA, because PA = Rural GA + Rural AL + Pittsburgh + Philadelphia.

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Outside of West Virginia, Pennsylvania has the highest percentage of Trump Democrats. So, don't go by Party ID.

This will change.

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