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Even better would be pointing out that there is no white supremacy in the USA.

There is a lot of Talmudic Supremacy though. In the dishonest media, in wall street, in the neocon establishment, in the Demonrat party. hell I just saw a report on here that one of antifa's biggest spokespersons is such a supremacist, and he's also a big Bernie and Elizabeth Warren guy

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If they were virtue-signalling, they'd be wearing the Kente cloths that the kneeling dems wore! (Which happen to be the symbol of the African tribe that traded in slaves, lmao)

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More than just Islave even. the first-ever major law in America was the Naturalization Act of 1790 which said immigration was ONLY for "Free White people of good character" (I assume 'good character' meant no demonic religions, should include Islam and Talmudism)

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You can also add black elderberry (fights respiratory viruses), egcg (another zinc ionophore like hcq), big doses of vitamin c, and querecetin!

We need a prayer marathon for our President. America is so &#(@ed without him.

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If only the Globalists were just mindless automatons like HIV viruses.

They're actually 1000x worse: satanic devil-worshippers whose sick text the Talmud claims that Jesus Christ is boiling in e%cr3ment. The same satanic cabal behind communism, wall st, and the Bolshevik revolution, which they're trying to repeat here. Many sexually abuse children, like Epstein and Ghislaine and other Talmudists.

They are heaping hot coals on their heads. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.