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ALl you have you to do is look at the vile shit Democrats say and believe about us to realize that they wouldn't even hesitate to cheat if given the opportunity to do so.

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If you ever feel dumb, just remember that people have paid literally thousands of dollars for ships in this game and it's still an unfinished pile of crap.

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Who would've thought controlling tyrants of the internet would aspire to be controlling tyrants of the world, you know, besides anyone who's ever spent any time on the internet around leftist moderators and admins?

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Not a LARP, trusted source. I recounted everything I was told.

I mean, that's exactly what someone LARPing would say.

I'll file it away in my 'huh' folder, seen way too many of these stories.

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The reprehensible, insidious, brainwashing evil of liberalism has become a critical mass that can not be reasoned with or tolerated any longer.

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Even if you fucking conducted the polling amongst Antifa exclusively you'd get a higher percentage of the vote for Trump.

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Living in a city makes you an anonymous, useless ant who cannot function without big daddy government doing everything in life for you.

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Current sticky material seems to largely consist of REEEEEEing about Tim Pool, someone on the mod team shilling for Steve Bannon's podcast every single day and promoting it despite the fact that there's nothing in it, and shouting "BREAKING!!!!!" because some random nobody on Twitter with 82 followers (probably the Twitter account of the guy posting it) invented some fake story about evidence being found.

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Nearly one month straight of this place weeping and sobbing and screaming like fucking liberals over Tim Pool.


And we say the left is fragile?

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I don't think he can grow a beard. Never once seen him with a shadow even after those extra long campaign trips.

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Why does literally every single episode get stickied? Is someone shilling for Bannon on the mod team? I fucking promise you we don't need every episode stickied before we even know if there is anything worthwhile on it.

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That you can take any company, who would otherwise be non-competitive due to high prices, but slap a bunch of multicam / military / veteran / blue lives shit on it, and suddenly people will fling money at whatever you're selling without a second thought.

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I've said it over and over, the vast majority of conservatives will lick any boot and let anyone fuck their wife, as long as someone will pay them for it.

Avarice is one of the seven deadly sins and if you look anywhere in conservative circles, you'll see it plenty abound.

Even in TDW Discord there's one guy in particular who basically just talks about how much money he has and how many millions he makes, just to brag to everyone about it.

BRCC guys made millions in only a few years by overcharging for the same fucking beans everyone else uses, just in fancy bags, by charging the "Veteran Tax" every Hoorah-Pro-Veteran company pushes. Of course they're cucked, they'll suck any dick as long as it keeps the money flowing.

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Hahahah so I read the bill, or at least, the parts that weren't confusing legalese.

  1. It sets up a 'racial equity commission' to cry about MUH RAYCIZM in the Dept. of Agriculture, that is by law required to consist of what sounds like 9 Dindus. "3 shall be black farmers/ranchers with 10 years experience", "3 shall be from non-profits that whine about black bullshit", "3 shall be from 1890 Institutions or from the University of DC" (ie: black colleges).

  2. The land is totally free, but it's not more than 160 acres.

  3. The land is restricted for agricultural use, but you can build a home and farming facilities on it.

  4. If you're black, you get special access to federal mortgages to build a home.

  5. If you're black, you can attend a 'Farmer Conservation Corps' where the government literally pays for everything, from clothing to transportation to housing to food and you even get a paycheck stipend for attending.

  6. Requirements are to be a US citizen over 21, 'have previously identified as black' and 'have one parent of African ancestory'.

  7. You don't actually have to do anything with the land. You can't use it for livestock, though, apparently.

  8. After 5 years you can sell the land, but the government has right of first refusal (ie: they get first dibs on buying it at appraised value).

  9. Priority is given to:
    - Current farmers and ranchers (why the fuck do they need free land?)
    - "Eligible black individuals with a family history of land dispossession (what the fuck does this mean, so if my bank foreclosed on my house I get free land?)
    - Applicants with farming experience, including the aforementioned Farmer Conservation Corps
    - Veterans.

So you could literally get kicked out of the Air Force Academy (legally you then qualify as a veteran (yes, seriously)) and now you've met the qualification for priority free land.

  1. Huge GIB ME DATZ handouts for a bunch of black bullshit.

There's a bunch of stuff about Civil Rights lawsuits that I don't understand, that I'm sure is their attempt at an 'out' for avoiding lawsuits.

Either way, if this were to come to pass, just apply. Tell them you identify as black, or don't, and just sue their asses under both Equal Protection and the Civil Rights Act. Literally EVERYBODY has a parent with 'African ancestry', since I'm pretty sure everyone always has like 0.2% African DNA from any genealogy test. And who are they to say how you 'identify'?

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I mean, the article says the land is "granted", not sold. So it fucking sounds like they're straight up getting 300 free acres without any kind of lien or anything on it.

Every white person should apply for those grants. It's literally illegal for the government to deny you, and you could just IDENTIFY as 'black' and the left would either require genetic purity tests to 'disprove self-identification', or just give you the land to not result in legal recognition of only two genders lmao.

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Yeah how does this work? Do they straight up own the land or is it 'loaned' from the government?

I would simply apply just to get free land with zero intention of farming any of it. And I would hit them with an Equal Protection lawsuit so fast their head would spin if they tried to claim I wasn't black.

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