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If you actually loved them, you would track them down and berate them about how they're going to hell and how stupid their religion is because it's not your religion, like you just tried to do to that guy.

Secretly we both know if you're going to launch into unhinged screaming because you felt your religion was mildly disrespected, you must absolutely hate the Seikhs for being sinners and heathens.

You don't get to have it both ways.

Oh, and the guy who said "you don't have freedom from religion" is in no position to judge the merits of anyone's arguments. I seriously can't believe you wrote that without any sense of how repugnant that position is.

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The biggest difference between left- and right-wing fake news is almost all of our fake news comes from shitty fringe websites anyone with a brain would discard immediately, usually because they have zero reporters and just blogspam and every article is basically written like an angry redneck editorializing, usually the first sentence is some Facebook Boomer-grade screed.

Left wing fake news comes from actual massive multi-million-dollar media empires.

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The left is trying to say it was a joke, but even watching the whole clip, I have no idea how anyone is supposed to think that's funny or relatable, and I say that as retired enlisted who had a real military job. Nobody laughed when he called them all dull.

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The left keeps trying to argue about how Trump 'failed' in North Korea, but notice that every other month the Norks were shooting missiles over Japan and I don't think they've fired a single one since Trump's meeting.

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"You can practice any religion you want, as long as it's mine and you never question it."

Again, this is why you're derisively referred to as the Christian Taliban. That shit is straight out fucking Iran. You legit just used the same leftist argument they use to practice overwhelming censorship of speech.

It's been a long time since I've been in church, but if there's one thing I vividly remember, it's that Jesus doesn't look kindly upon degenerates who usurp god's place when it comes to casting judgment upon men. So give my regards to Fentanyl Floyd when you're hanging out with him in hell, you hypocrite.

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This cringe is why the left calls you all the Christian Sharia Taliban. Quit proselytizing like we're some kind of unified Christian cult and you're an Inquisitor looking for heathens.

Do you get angry whenever someone posts pictures of Seikhs because it offends your One Religion dogmatic theocratic ideology?

If you want to control what other people think and say so much, in adherence to your religion, maybe you should go explore leftism, because you and them seem to have a lot in common.

You're a pretty shitty Christian if you think judging other people is somehow your responsibility. Sounds like an eternity in the lake of fire is in your future.

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Is fucking up the transparency layer in Photoshop some kind of new meme, or are you all this stupid, because I've seen it like ten times in the last couple days.

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I understand now why the bad guy in spy movies has subordinates shot for not producing results.

Everyone involved is slow-walking this hoping to run the clock out. There is literally no circumstance where any investigation could take this long. Democrats went from a fake whistleblower report to impeachment in like three months. FOUR YEARS and nobody has anything to show about anything.

Fucking name ANY investigation into any wrongdoing ever that took this long. Ever.

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The police used to kill their own officers for snitching. Pack of faggots indeed. Turn off the radios and when you turn them back on "oh dear someone shot the mayor in a botched robbery!"

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I like how they're screaming that this is unconstitutional but it's literally the exact opposite of that.

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Leftists got stream removed.

Ban leftists from breathing.

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Technically that's proper reporting, but we're so deep in clown world that it's treason to my ears.

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I hope this is the start of the pendulum swinging back.

And I hope to push it so hard as it swings by it disappears off the right side, and all these rats magically disappear and are somehow never heard from again, and for unknown reasons, a few thousand acres grow really fertile grass for a few years.

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