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Do you use one for a laptop? If so, can you recommend one? I wont need it until we go back into the office, which hopefully is never, but i would definitely consider losing the backpack for a briefcase. It makes it more challenging to commute as I take the train and do not drive, but the way a backpack fucks up a nice jacket sucks

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Who would ever downvote this comment?

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Yeah let me put my work laptop in my pocket 🙄 get over yourself

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So is that like a milkshake made out of meat or are you referring to your body meat physically shaking from an obesity related disease?

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Only losers like tim “piss in my mouth, lydia” pool

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I have never trusted the medical community. They are so arrogant and dismissive, and more than once I was right and they were wrong. Fuckers act like they all star trek but its more like 1880 up in here

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This is the only show i miss, but im a good pede so i dont watch fucking faggot fox farty news

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