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John Paul II seemed holy to me. He had a spiritual glow. This guy seems like a cranky Progressive in a pope Halloween costume.

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Can't spell "pandemic" without Dem and panic.

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Smart people of all colors know Trump is the right person to be president.

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That's a good point. Are there any alphas for Joe? Sure, there are some large, muscular athletes who support Joe, but they are also whiners or criers, like LeBron.

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Honestly, I would never stop in an accident like this, where the "victim" caused it. The mob is likely to beat you to death. Drive far away and call the police to report it. #GoCars

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He was patient, but these rioters are harassing private citizens and have been known to beat people and destroy their cars. Can't blame him for wanting to escape with his life and property.

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Quick, lock down the economy till November 4!

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