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Throw the alphabet agencies to the wind. compromised too far. Same goes for alphabet media. Same goes for big tech companies.

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There are just too many people to drain. Party means nothing. If you haven't backed trump publicly by words and actions you are swamp by default.

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Such an insane amount. people need to be in cuffs. from the poll workers pushing out blatant lies, to the coders of this software, and any politician, tech oligarch, or msm pundit that had any connection. BYE BYE

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fox news took a huge one in the chili ring for their bullshit.

honestly i shouldve really understood when they hired donna brazil.

how does one look at the bitch canned from cnn for debate question leaking and say to themselves, "yeah, thats fox news material"

Roger ailes, murdoch children, we traded one shitty control group for another.

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exactly, no republican will win again if we let this continue.

the only reason trump won 2016 is they were not prepared to cover his win spread with the amount of cheating they had ready that year.

this is four years of prepped cheating in the works.

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im gonna comment on every state win comment section even if it kills me lol.

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tell you all you need to know. controlled

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complicated business time, yet again.

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Voted straight red weeks ago, but glad to see all yall out there doing it bigly today.

red tsunami

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If a west coast state is going to go red, its Oregon.

We would need like a 5- 6 point swing. Its not gonna be easy but anything is possible when its trump. we will see.

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Willamette valley Oregon pede here. The amount of Trump, Maga, American flags im seeing in front of homes and on vehicles is huge. Other than a few Biden house signs i see nothing. And this is liberal Oregon cities i am in. If its that lopsided here, imagine how good it is for us everywhere else! RED WAVE, VOTE VOTE VOTE

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A rose by any other name would be as sweet.

the scarlet signal, vermilion indication, Ruby undulation, the cherry stir, cerise swing, cardinal blow, the carmine oscillation, the claret move.

take your pick. its gonna be yuge.

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