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I want to strangle that fat, wobbling balding blob.

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Guess who the only casualties on federal side were? Former Bodyguards of Clinton, all killed with a shot to the left temple, execution style, nothing to see here folks.

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I always said that Trump should lease one of those tanker planes and drop liquid shit over some rioters.

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lmfao the literal white knight with his shield acting like hes covering her

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Theres a Slave Market a few blocks from the UN Building in Libya, all because Obummer and Killary killed Gaddafi and fucked Libya for Generations to come.


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Top 10 on the Itunes Album Charts!

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Elon Musk is South African, he cant be President. Alltough i think it would be possible to have someone not born in the US as a VP as the law only states "President", if he forfeits his right to the presidency from the start, in case something happens to the President, that would mean the Speaker of the House would be POTUS.

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brooklyn metropolitan detention center

Register Number: 02879-509

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Fun fact: I checked Bill Richardsons House when it was for sale on Zillow, some creepy ass Kids Paintings just like the Podestas, wish i could remember the address.

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Attorney Kimberly Gardner had her campaign financed by Soros. No wonder they disarm law-abiding citizen.

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