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Should change the name to department of protecting corrupt oligarchs

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Can anyone point out the obvious that the NSA are coming for every single person who posts wrong think anywhere online like in China so no anti-establishment people like Trump can ever win again?

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Lmao ur replies were great

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Also please tell him to strip away all big tech protections if they don’t become neutral and support free speech. If he could leave Twitter for here or Parlor, that would be huge

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Also the year big tech gets their protections stripped away unless they remain a neutral platform and support free speech

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They need to prove it’s only for this site and doesn’t do it to other sites.

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And there it is. Twitter employees are probably giggling to themselves every time they get to power trip on the most powerful man in the world

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This is who 90% of antifa really is

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Just imagine though, millions of brainwashed people literally think that’s exactly what this community is like. Then they come here looking for it and realize supply doesn’t meet their demand, so they try to do it themselves just to try and prove their objectively wrong narrative is valid to their idiot friends who think the same things they do.

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That’s why they ban anyone who talks about it on twitter. Strip big tech social media of their protections!

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“But he’s literally Hitler and everyone who likes him is a racist nazi”. You can’t rationalize a person out of a position they didn’t use logic to get into in the first place. Hatred is blinding.

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They are Epstein in the form of agencies. Gathering blackmail on the powerful is their true purpose, they hold onto it all and only do anything with it if it serves their own self-interests. They’ve had wieners laptop, Seth Rich’s laptop, and Hunters laptop for years

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The intelligence agencies all do what epstein did and keep blackmail on everyone. As soon as they step out of line, it all gets released to destroy them. Bet every corrupt person in power including many republicans have them breathing down their neck which is why we haven’t seen any justice this past 4 years.

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Idk I actually empathize with Wolf for once. I think he actually realizes since Trump agreed to a proposal of aid without any political strings attached and Nancy declined it, it’s blatantly obvious the only one holding up aid for the people is Nancy, and he genuinely wants what’s best for the people while Nancy is being an insufferable cunt playing with suffering peoples lives like it’s just a game

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They are just putting up a facade, but the reality is most republicans are also corrupt and blackmailed. That’s why we’ve seen no justice lately

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What happened was the democrat party was the original Conservative party (they wanted to conserve owning slaves and racism), and the Republican party was the original progressive party. After the 1960s the Democrats realized they would never win an election again if they stayed the ultra Conservative party, so they pulled some shenanigans and became the new “progressive party”, while the Republican Party decided to protect everything that the new ultra progressive democrat party wanted to change, thus making the Republican Party known as the “Conservative“ party. Now thanks to many years of fake news, people conflate all conservatism under the same party and all progressivism under the same party, so that’s why people think there was a party switch and hate republicans so much because they assume they were the original defenders of slavery and racism.

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The intelligence agencies are rooted in corruption and have their own agendas. If only we had investigators to investigate the investigators. Oh wait, but then those investigators would eventually become corrupt and we would eventually need investigators to investigate those investigators who were investigating those other investigators. And then those investigators would become corrupt, and you have an endless cycle. Due to the corrupt nature of human beings who inevitably get these unaccountable positions of power and control, there is no enforcement system in which those that are corrupt eventually rise into power in such positions. The only perfect intelligence agency/enforcement system is one that is truly 100% transparent (which is impossible due to the nature of the sensitive information gathered by such intelligence agencies), or one that is not run by human beings. There is literally nothing we can do in the long term unless we have an incorruptible AI running such agencies, or if we due away with such agencies all together which would be a major national security issue.

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