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Lagoa has a decade more on the bench at federal level than ACB does....so how does that square with your statement?

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so if you want to fly to another fucking state in the USA you need to get a fucking test. else be quarantined - right got it.

next it will be a shot

next it will be a money chip

next it will be a ditch with a gun in the back of your head.

WTF, fucking retards are running these companies.

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Hell Yeah!!! (in my best stone cold steve austin voice smashing beer cans and chugging them down)

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no we're not, china is "free" again raves, pool parties, they back to normal.

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the toxic herd of mask karens on facebook and twatter don't give a shit about logic. they just scream like little children about how you not wearing mask is going to kill them, their kids, their families, their gold fish.

He's the Chief Executive and Chief Law Enforcer for the State of Florida. He can end it, without explanation, right now. Those like us here on .win don't need to hear it and the mask karens won't listen to it anyway, they'll just scream.

Just do it Ron.

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1A anyone? since when does a "health emergency" override the US Constitution?

Sue. Sue them to oblivion. go after the individual cops too. No immunity from this shit.

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me too. I'm surprised they can get away with it. My only guess is there is something in the contract of conveyance (the fine print on the ticket) that allows them to subvert federal law.

I don't agree with it and am sure a cracker jack attorney could win a suit.

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you don't have to prove it. That's the law. Failure on their end is a ADA violation. Sue - or at least threaten to. Learn to poker.

I do it here in my commie county all the time. Publix manager kicked me out back in July. I told her as I was leaving they'd be hearing from me. I called the HQ in Lakeland, after bouncing around a few times got into the legal guys. Explained situation, they said it won't happen again. It hasn't. I get dirty looks and snarky comments from the mask karens, but no one at publix has accosted me since.

Use the law to your advantage as mask laws are unlawful mandates.

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Suggest? Oh no, he full up crapped his pants.

If you ever had kids, you've seen that walk before. It means one, and only one thing. Some extra junk in the trunk.

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one, nine, or 90,000 makes no difference. the fact they were discarded is the point.

shit is about to get real.

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