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The only type of immigration that I find rational is for investors. Say I have one million dollars and make a promise to hire X amount of citizens in my new business. That's cool. I think it applies well to most countries.

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I also say this as a Brazilian: Bolsonaro is right. Unemployment and its consequences will kill a lot more Brazilians than the panic produced by this flu. Brazil was just now getting out of a decade long economical crisis and had one million people newly employed. Now it'll all be gone. Me and everyone else in my sector were already fired a week ago. 30% of the workforce in my wife's job were already fired, with more to come this week. We're destroying our country because our governors are political hacks.

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The hero we need

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Probably without US involvement, there would be no naval blockade and advancing troops from the west. The initial Nazi plan was always to deport the jews to Siberia, Palestine and Madagascar. Not pretty, but less aggravating than genocide. Since there was a pretty big war going on, they settled on the "final solution".

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Good thing I'm not Ted Nugent either. I'm not even Phil Selway, in case you find a quote from him.

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Date: 09/21/2016

Go be retarded somewhere else.

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Funny how most drug apprehensions, illegal weapons apprehensions and capture of wanted persons in my country is done by stop-and-frisk. It was only considered unconstitutional in the way NYC implemented it, and many other cities still use it without problems. Even then, only because some fee-fees were hurt.

And a study from David Greenberg, a professor of Sociology at New York University is hardly enough.

With that said, when a portion of the population commits a disproportional amount of violent crimes, said portion of the population should be more susceptible to crime preventing techniques.

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Good ideas! I'll take them into consideration.

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