Pepega [S] 6 points ago

it's all fake money so until it's backed by something real i don't really care at this point. Though yes i agree this is kinda shit policy.

Company, families, and individuals need to stop running on debt. need to have savings. most don't

Pepega [S] 3 points ago

I moved my 401k to cash around 29000 put back in at 21000, riding it out. I used my big brain time to do it. Not rocket science to know we are in a huge bubble that never popped, just shrunk briefly last time... then did absolutely nothing to fix it. I was waiting for trumps second term hoping he blew it all a part. But maybe i'm dreaming. The game is rigged and been played for so long... Idk if 8 years non stop could have even undone it all.

Pepega [S] 8 points ago

Am i the only one who hates how fake he is when he pats the books... like what the fuck is that but some sort of show.

Pepega [S] 3 points ago

just listen, unless its the Jesus of impersonators it's him haha. It's all good, it's a cute and human moment.


Pepega [S] 6 points ago *

you hear the two other union bros come to badger him after.... get in line with group think dude. stop being a bigot man

Pepega [S] 1 point ago

I rippped off all my calluses the first time because i refused to scale and never took care of my hands back then... better now X'D

Pepega [S] 1 point ago

Will need more observation for clear answers X'D

Just playing man. Honestly it's all cool. You're passionate and crossfit in theory is pretty cool

Pepega [S] 1 point ago

yeah i like the idea of crossfit and have done some, I was just bringing up another group that can't bring itself up haha. Guess i'm like half that right now though.

Pepega [S] 2 points ago

That's why I mountain bike / I'm not trying to get killed by someone texting.

Pepega [S] 2 points ago

Both sides of the establishment have their demons to hide, wouldn't want to expose themselves haha

Pepega [S] 6 points ago *

I'm chill baby! 100% same page then. maybe it's too early for me still haha.

Pepega [S] 4 points ago

same, burning leaves, fresh cut grass, sizzling animal flesh... X'D

Pepega [S] 5 points ago

vegan is one thing, but are we really going to attack "running" lol?

For every pathetically skinny runner is just as many if not more "bodybuilder" type dude who can't run 100 yards without being winded, let alone remain flexible.

It's about about balance, both have their place in health and fitness.

Pepega [S] 9 points ago

It all smells like trash smoke or this flavored non sense. Don't care if you subject yourself to it but i don't really want to be around it, don't really care for more laws either. Would be great if common respect just said ask first around others or do it away from them.

Pepega [S] 3 points ago

Holy shit the twitter feed on this video X'D

Nothing like racist black people being racist to a black man expressing his opinion lol

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