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A Black Trans Woman killed in Ohio in a Robbery. On that logic, they should just list off everyone killed in Chicago, Detroit, New York or Los Angeles.

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The 54th Regiment was a Colored Infanty unit but that's not them. Whoever made the meme probably got it from Google as I see they falsely attribute 54th the Company E on other websites.

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Except that's Company E, 4th United States Colored Infantry at Fort Lincoln on the bottom.

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Since when does Congress control STATE policing? They don't.

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I'm not trying to get a woosh. I am letting people know they should REALLY know who that is not sarcastically.

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The Weathermen is the Weather Underground. Barack Obama started his campaign at Bill Ayer's and Bernadine Dohrn's house. They led the Weather Underground. They went on mass bombing sprees of federal buildings. A fact more people should know if they want to prove Barack Obama is a radical.

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The word concrete a code for something. There was a big thread on T_D and Conspiracy about this at one point of the amount of people that say it in weird context.

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Someone should tell her that a lot of Nazi's were prior ANTIFA. There were lots of Commies that joined the Nazi party.

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Someone needs to ask him why he made a movie called Pizza Man where the antagonist is Donald Trump. Movie came out in the 1991.

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They are gaslighting so hard. Even with the shitty abstract on these.

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They can still track you. Barometric Pressure sensor and the accelerometer.

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C_A Operation Mockingbird was started at the Post in the 1950's. That is outed by the wife of the owner in her Biography.

Now who owns it? Jeff B. Who has the C_A's largest publicly known contract? Jeff B. Do the math.

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Les Wexner was Epstein's only known client. Les Wexner's Plane from the Limited Stores was sold to Jeff Epstein at one point to become the Lolita Express. Les also gave Epstein his Mansion in New York City and house in Palm Beach. Les Wexner was CEO of Limited Brands aka Victoria Secret where 100+ models came out and said they were being sexually abused.

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The only sarcasm is that anyone who took him as "Drink Bleach" needs to understand it's sarcastic. He can't outright come out in a presser and say "If you think I meant drink Bleach, you are fucking retarded" so he had to say it was 'sarcasm'

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They should do this in the USA. Write your Senators and Reps to sponsor a bill. It should be the next stimulus bill.

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