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The problem with that narrative is that if it were true Trump would have received roughly the same or fewer votes than in 2016, not a gain of ten million, not to mention his in party support. So the claim that many people just hated Trump so much they voted only for Biden, and in numbers higher than voting for Obama (no one voted for Biden, they voted against Trump) makes little sense.

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Yeah, it's a bit doomerish as Barr is doing it in case Biden wins, but at least it would continue. I don't think it's necessary though since Trump will replace Barr with a man of action after Jan 30th.

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At this point I just want competition from alt tech and the free market to force them all into bankruptcy. Fixing the laws ill help prevent corruption of future big tech but the current lineup of tech tyrants needs to go the way of MySpace.

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To be fair Reagan as going senile towards the end and probably used the way the DNC intended to use Biden.

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There is nothing empathetic about forcing people to close their business out of fear.

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Globalist billionaires probably see communism/socialism more as a means to create a slave underclass with themselves at the top in a system of quasi-Communist feudalism. That's what WE Form sounds like anyway, but of course they dress up the tyranny in family friendly terms.

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I think he's referring to the Jews.

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He only calls Trump an autocrat because he's afraid of being arrested.

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I'm glad I live in a country that at least shares a border so you could smuggle some north if there was ever such a need.

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We. WE broke the algorithm.

I couldn't vote since I'm Canadian but I manned the meme cannons the best I could lol

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Maybe, but I think at the least that could be how some like Pelosi and Waters have never been replaced with another Democrat. Probably the same for some RINOs too.

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Yup. Just because a state is traditionally blue is no reason to just assume it is this time.

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I wouldn't have believed Trump's numbers either if it weren't for the size of the rallies. Way more believable that POTUS got 80mil+ than that decrepit fossil.

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Just shows how the "we know best" attitude they have. They think their will is more important because they're morally righteous.

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I saw someone trying to claim that if they cheated it just means they really really really don't want Trump so that's somehow a representation of the people's will, or, something.... I posted a screenshot a little while ago you can find it on my post history if you want a good laugh

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Given all the insane rhetoric that's come out of them the last four years it's kind of hard to believe they didn't cheat.

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I for one love hearing about William Shatner's sleep equipment

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If I recall correctly Fox was more on the Never Trump side before he won the candidacy and then the election. The way I see it they thought they could play Trump supporters for views and then go back to the status quo once Trump was out of the picture. A grievous misjudgment that will prove their downfall.

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Biden's thinks so hard his brain overheats and jumbles the words together so it comes out as "trunanationadeprzure"

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I wonder if she realizes this isn't even part of the Trump campaign's case lol

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